New York Cheesecake: Bring Me Your Finest Meats

It goes without saying that trying to find a proper deli sandwich in Bangkok is harder than finding an oats soda in Saudi Arabia – these are the facts. And while a few establishments tried to recreate deli goodness with local products, New York Cheesecake decided to stop monkeying around and started flying in the goods from the Big Apple. Epic.

New York Cheese Cake (NYCC for those in the know), is most well-known for its delectable cheesecakes, but it is their pastrami sandwich that is something of a modern day culinary marvel. The imported salted cured beef might be the king of all sandwich fillings, and as the owners have spent plenty of time in New York, these carnivorous caloric creations are legit.

KohSpot is in love. This half-pound monstrosity comes with lettuce, tomato, onion, thousand island dressing and spicy mustard stacked high on rye bread. Sure it costs 279 baht, but similar to most Bangkok models, you won’t be eating for days after consuming one – they are that HUGE.

We are also impressed that NYCC takes customer service seriously by acting upon the feedback it has received from loyal fans. A year ago the sandwich was presented on flabby Wonder Bread, which is a crime when you’re paying for all that quality imported pastrami. Luckily, after hearing mummers and rumbles of a Wonder Bread riot, the owners switched to a robust rye bread that was more befitting for such a royal feast. And they use real spicy mustard, not that fluorescent yellow stuff Americans put on their hot dogs or dip their Cheetos in. KohSpot’s only request would be a kosher deli pickle as a side to the sandwich.  NYCC, we hope you are still listening.

Much of the clientele is hi-so couples taking a break from decorating their second home at Crystal Design Center for a bite to eat, so it isn’t surprising the place is better known for their more “posh” items on the menu. While it would be fun to watch some of these ladies try to dissect a deli dogwood without getting their hands dirty, we can’t blame them for choosing the highly acclaimed cheesecake on display. Cheesecake is probably Thais’ favorite farang dessert, but there are so many variations that its almost impossible to discern what exactly constitutes a slice of Cheesecake. NYCC offers several varieties of cheesecake to choose from. Our favorite is the traditional cheesecake with the choice of blueberry or cherry topping, but the chocolate with rugelach on top is pretty rad as well. While 179 baht is not cheap for a dessert, the taste and the portion size more than justify the price. Time for some indulgence.

A wise man once told us that if you are not very familiar with chomping on cheesecake its best to start off ordering just one slice and sharing it. Words to live by. This cheesecake is unbelievably filling.

Whether you are hear for the deli sandwiches or the cheesecake (those two food items really don’t go well together), NYCC is worth the trip out to the CDC.

New York Cheesecake (NYCC)
Location: Crystal Design Center between Buildings B & D
Mass transit: None, so you’ll either need a car or taxi. CDC is on Pradit Manutham, the road below the Ram Intra Expressway, in between Lat Phrao and Kasit Nawamin Roads.
Phone: 02-102-2065
Hours: 10:30 am-9 pm weekdays, 10:30 am-10 pm weekends

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