Nahm – What is This Crazy Farang Thinking?

If you’ve ever watched Hell’s Kitchen then you know every dish has to be prepared perfectly or Chef Ramsey screams worse than Ari Gold.  If you want to experience first class dining with the same perfection then we suggest you visit the new Thai restaurant Nahm.  Not only is the restaurant top notch but the drama is TV worthy as well.

Most people say you have to be a Thailand native to speak with the right tones or to cook with the right touch.  David Thompson, an Aussie, not only thinks he cooks better than any Thai; he has the balls to challenge them on their own turf.  His Michelin-star hangs on his waist like a Lumpini championship belt. And he’s talking ish like a any respectable boxer should. In fact, David Thompson is qouted in the nytimes as saying, “Thai cooking is ‘decaying’ “. OH NO HE DIDNT!

nahmNahm is the newest addition to the Metropolitan Hotel and a nice compliment to the already established Met Bar.  As you walk into Nahm you get a nice Zen feel; Phil Jackson would approve. The brick pillars in the dining area give off an Angkor Wat vibe and the light colored wooden tables compliment the chic Asian look.  Nahm’s booth style seating is comfy and akin to a posh Fuji Japanese restaurant.  All and all it works well especially the Zoolander like music playing in the background.

The food is really good.  And the best thing is that menu has something from every region in Thailand, Thompson is really showing off his skills.  On top of that a lot of the dishes served at Nahm are of traditional variety and common in local restaurants throughout Thailand; we told you he had balls.

Why is Nahm so different then? Ingredients. They’re what make a dish and Nahm uses the best ingredients available.  The food squirts flavor into your mouth. Wait…that doesn’t sound right.  The food is so good it’s like a deity took a dump on your plate.  Wait…that sounds weird too.

Look, the food is really good, strong and flavorful.  Dishes are between 200 and 500baht and aren’t those “two bite” posh dishes. You will leave Nahm full and content. The set menu (1500baht++) allows you to taste one dish from every section on the menu (about seven dishes).

The pamelo appetizer and the scallop salad are delicious but stay away from the duck soup . The drink list is massive but the food is so flavorful you might run into a palette overload; get a bottle of wine to play it safe.

The service, the staff and the ambiance are all first class and hats off to who ever made the waitresses wear M.C. Hammer pants. Nice touch.

The first punch has been thrown, let’s see how Thailand reacts.


Address: The metropolitan, 27 south sathorn road, Tungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120

MRT: Lumpini, then taxi
Phone: 02-625-3333

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