Nadimo’s, Great Lebanese Food in Bangkok.

With a new Lebanese restaurant opening on Sukhumvit Road on Phrom Pong and Beirut expanding into the Eight Complex on Thong Lor, KohSpot thought it was time to revisit Nadimo’s, the crown jewel in our humbled opinion of this category of cuisine in Bangkok, right in the heart of Silom.

Nadimo's Bangkok

Supplemental to Nadimo’s viral reputation for great food, Nadimo’s also jocks longevity (not easy to come by in Bangkok) as well as being the proprietor of a place of prominence in the Baan Silom mini-mall at Silom Soi 19.

Nadimo’s has two floors with brick and mortar decor along with several tourism posters of the Mediterranean Sea region. The crowd is heavily office workers during the lunchtime and more casual at night, sprinkled heavily with Middle Eastern men during both lacing Nadimo’s with legit streed cred.

KohSpot recently went for their weekday lunch buffet, running from noon to 3 pm for only 290 baht net. While we know chefs always warn consumers away from lunch buffets because they are often food prepared last night heated up, with Nadimo’s it doesn’t matter as much because the food of most importance and excellence, and what is offered at the buffet, is mezze.

Nadimo’s best mezze dish is baba ganoush, which KohSpot loved for its intensely smoky flavor, along with redNadimo's Bangkokcapsicum, nuts and pomegranate seeds. Also top-notch were the tabbouleh, strained Lebanese yogurt, chicken and potatoes in lemon and butter sauce, roasted eggplant with vegetables, and a coconut dessert bread that had a hint of jasmine water in it.

The hummus was adequate but we’ve had better, while the breaded white fish needs a complete overhaul. But the lemonade at Nadimo’s is one of the better versions in Bangkok, not too sweet and plenty tart.

You wouldn’t deny a Lebanese a puff off a hookah, and they are available here as well. Smoking, including cigarettes, is tolerated here, but Nadimo’s seems to have a good filtration system and it doesn’t intrude on others meals.

The setting is a little more relaxed at dinner time and you can experiment with dishes such as raw kibbeh, sort of a Lebanese meat tartare. Prices are still reasonable.

Nadimo’s recently expanded as well, opening a branch near the Davis Hotel at the bottom of Sukhumvit Soi 24, but unfortunately our sources have told us the food there is not as good as at the original. Your thoughts?

Location: Baan Silom mini-mall, Silom Soi 19
Mass transit: BTS Surasak, then walk to Silom, takes about 10-15 minutes
Hours: 11 am-midnight daily
Phone: 02-266-9081

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