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This may come as a surprise to some of KohSpot’s readers, but there’s a completely vibrant club and bar scene outside of Sukhumvit, Silom and Khaosan. Today we venture into the untapped maze of Pracha Uthit, a gaggle of sois located between Pradit Manutham, aka the road underneath the Ram Intra expressway, and Ratchada, or for others, just the back exit from Moonstar Studio gigs.

Maldives is representative of the bars in the Pracha Uthit area: mostly populated with Thais that live in the area, with a completely laid-back vibe and shisha on offer. This is a great place to meet your friends for a beer where one hour almost certainly turns into three hours before you notice what time it is. Everything is open air here, including a two-story structure set back from the small stage decorated in a Moroccan style.

The main draw here is nightly music, though KohSpot would be lying if we said every night featured a winner. These are local bands just happy to get a place to play, but none of them forget the golden rule not to shatter the mellow mood with an invite to Headbangers Ball. Still, some of the bands are quite talented, and there’s a small area for dancing should you get the itch.

There’s a pool table if the music sucks, and the kitchen turns out the same cheap Thai fare you find at every Thai bar. The beer selection is rubbish, with only two brands available, but you need to lighten up, order some Sangsom, and puff, puff, pass, hombre.

Maldives apparently got so popular it decided to annex Mao Deep, the bar next door, but most nights it just sits empty. Oh, the good ole’ days.

Let Maldives be your starter bar for a night of adventure in Pracha Uthit, then ask around and explore recommendations for clubs in the area. Its also a great place to meet Thai singles without having to question their motives or occupation. Have at it.
Location: Ratchadaniwet Soi 21, also known as Soi Mengjai. If you’re coming from Pradit
Manutham (Ram Intra Expressway) on Pracha Uthit, Soi Ratchadaniwet is the first major intersection after you pass the khlong. Turn right and go about 250 meters, Maldives is on your left. If you’re coming from Ratchada, stay straight on Thian Ruammit Road as it turns into Soi Ratchadaniwet, going past the Pracha Uthit intersection and 250 meters up on the left is Maldives.
Mass transit: MRT Thailand Cultural Center, then take a taxi. Parking is also available.
Hours: 6 pm to 2 am daily
Phone: 02-274-3829

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