Maison de Gateaux | Siam Square, Bangkok

maison de gateauxKohSpot has been called many things, but a font of good advice has never graced our ears (ironic for a review based website, we know).

Whether for investing the family farm on the whimsical allure of a man named Madoff, fronting the seed money for a “walking chalupa”, or starting a website about Bangkok that went out of its way to avoid reporting on the naughty side of the city, we still have a lot to learn.

Nevertheless, we carry on. And so its with proud conviction that we recommend the delight of Maison de Gateaux, a small restaurant on the edge of Siam Square that serves up simple yet tasteful dishes at reasonable prices.

The smoked salmon salad at Maison de Gateaux (150 baht) is pretty hard to mess up unless you try to do too much with the dressing, but it was zesty and dispensed in the proper proportion. The squid ink spaghetti with John Dory fish (150 baht) saw pasta that was tad more rubbery than al dente with a small portion of fish, but it was still tasty when combined with parmesan and basil and value for money.

Maison de Gateaux has a soft yellow and brown color scheme and plays soft jazz music in the background. It’s just a modest, relaxing joint and the final prognosis is Maison didn’t fly too close to the sun on wings of wax and inflated dreams, so it didn’t get burned.

We give this place a definite recommendation.

Maison de Gateaux
Location: 414/15 Henry Dunant Road, on the eastern edge of Siam Square, close to Rama I Road
Mass transit: BTS Siam
Hours: 10 am-8 pm daily
Phone: 02-255-6661

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