Lunch Buffet at Ramada Encore @Hub: Simple and Satisfying

There are two ways you can take a buffet in Bangkok: either extravagant high-on-the-hog, for which the Sunday brunch at The Four Seasons is the standard bearer and at whose altar KohSpot worships, or the more restrained approach of No.43 at the Cape House, which makes fewer offerings but does them well at a reasonable price. The lunch buffet at Ramada Encore Hub falls into the latter category and gets high marks for staying focused.

All the best dishes at Encore were the simple ones: toasted panini sandwiches, broccoli and tuna rolled in spaghetti strands, even sautéed john dory fish. It’s not hard to run a tasty, moderate buffet: just focus on what you know people are going to love.

There are a couple of misfires, namely sushi that didn’t have fish in it and roast duck that was 95% fat. But by and large, the salads, appetizers, vegetables and mains were delicious and dependable. Green-lipped mussels were on ice in the far corner, but disappointingly the staff didn’t refill the tray after diners gave it the once-over.

Desserts followed that same good ol standby theme, with chocolate mousse, cakes and fruit hitting the spot. Like any good budget buffet worth its salt, the price does not include beverages, and the Encore tries to make their money back by hiking the price on drinks, with beers about 120 baht and cocktails up to 200 baht.

The décor is a basic black with red accents, which wraps around the entire room to envelop the bar, lobby, and reception area. Oddly, the buffet included several Japanese Ladies Who Lunch, who KohSpot normally doesn’t associate with buffets.

At 390 baht this is not a buffet to rearrange your schedule for, but if hungry and in the area, this one will leave you satisfied.

Ramada Encore @ Hub Lunch Buffett
Location: 21 Sukhumvit Soi 10, about 150 meters down the soi on the left-hand side
Mass transit: Equidistant from BTS Nana, BTS Asok and MRT Sukhumvit
Hours: Lunch buffet 11:30 am-2:30 pm daily
Phone: 02-615-0999

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