L’E Space

L'E Space

The barrage of stimulus that the permeates from the Paragon shopping mall and then subsequently embraced by its “hi-so” Thai patrons and fannypack wielding tourists can be a bit overwhelming to those who are unaccustomed to this glorified American invention located in downtown BKK.  To make sure that L’ E space restaurant didn’t fall victim to the Paragon’s uber finicky customers KohSpot decided to stop and smell the roses of shopping mall dining, Paragon style.

L’E space is a proxy restaurant from the famed Oriental Madrian hotel and attempts to deliver the same high-end dinning experience. The thai-western fusion menu offers staples from both regions of the globe ranging anywhere from cheeseburgers to the fragrant and spicy river prawn soup Tom Yam Goong.  There really is something for everyone on the menu, which is a major plus when you are attempting to please a crowd pretentious enough not to carry their own purses. However, with your standard Thai street food fare (Koa pat moo) coming in around 390 THB you may feel like Rick Ross designed the menu himself as L’ E space is most certainly getting their hustle on.


*** Food

** Ambience

** Value

* Extra star since location is conducive to being creepy/people watching.

L’E space gets an average 2.5 stars based on a non-existing rating system.

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