L3 Eatery: EPIC Fail

We have been to plenty of weird and dreadful buffets before, including the cocaine buffet with cuck-e-cheese back in the 80s (see pic) , so when we say L3 is the worst buffet we’ve ever experienced our warnings should not go unheeded. Allow KohSpot to explain.

L3 Eatery at Le Fenix has a lunch buffet that is all about volume, not quality. And when we say volume we are talking about turning over a high volume of eaters, not an ample supply of food. There is nothing wrong with this approach, as several restaurants, most notably Giusto, pull it off, but there is a stark contrast when comparing the turnstile eateries of Giusto and L3 and it boils down to quality ingredients.

The L3 buffet was a culinary minefield filled with tasteless booby-traps. The bacon resembled tuk tuk tires, the sushi was so acrid we actually spit it out, and the flecky coffee ice cream smelled like it was brewed up in the eternal bog of stench. The worst part? These inedible objects were presented in a way that made one feel like L3 was giving the middle finger to its customers. The majority of the plates were picked through, debris was scattered around the entire table and the staff was lethargic to say the least. Not only are the food trays left to linger without refills, but empty plates are not cleared off. We guess you’re just supposed to put your new plate on top of the old one, or set the old one on the chair next to you.

L3 advertises that it has a burger buffet, but the burgers are actually sliders and if you don’t get there right when the buffet starts, people just toss the buns to the side and sift through the meat creating what looks like remnants of several hungry grizzly bears. And while no one wants to eat the cold mass of dough L3 calls a bun, the chicken was so tough we could swear we were taking a bite from one of madame tussauds wax models.

The list of failures goes on with bland miso soup, a cold, plastic pizzetta on stale bread, and chewy spaghetti with ketchup for marinara sauce—Henry Hill would be devastated. The only item to even reach mediocre standards was the beef stew.

In our experience, the service and the atmosphere of a restaurant filters down from its manager. KohSpot realizes a lot of the staff at L3 probably don’t want to be there and have grander visions of their future, but if the cancer that is unprofessionalism is coming from the management then L3 has much much larger problems.

If you’re keen on adventure eating, by all means give the lunch buffet (199 baht) a try. But it earns KohSpot’s rarely seen rating: EPIC FAIL. The better bet is to skip dinner altogether and cruise upstairs Nest for some quality raging.

L3 Eatery
Location: Third floor of Le Fenix, 33/33 Sukhumvit Soi 11, right across from QBar.
Mass transit: BTS Nana
Hours: Lunch Buffet 11 am-3 pm weekdays
Phone: 02-305-4000


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