Khao Mun Gai – Back to the streets

KohSpot went back to its roots this week as we headed down Soi Suan Plu for a favorite khao mun gai stall to see if it still slanging that chicken like kernel sanders, but different.Khao mun gai Suan Plu Hilam recipe, as the restaurant is called, was completely packed for lunch, which is always a good sign when evaluating the merit of a street food stall. The chicken was oily but tasty, mixing well with the salty zest of the chili ginger sauce. The rice was missing the aromatic essence of chicken broth that KohSpot’s entourage (we roll deep) remembered from days of old, but still hit the spot.The main weakness was the soup, as it seemed diluted with too much H2O. Much like you can often separate the wheat from the chaff among delis by whether they give you a proper pickle with your sandwich, the little bowl of chicken broth you get at khao mun gai stalls, often treated as an afterthought, is usually a sign of how much they care about their craft. KohSpot loves the fuk in this soup, which is either a crunchy root or melon, and the cilantro. But Hilam needs to put some more bones or herbs in their soup and step it up in the spice department.The price is tops at only 30 baht for a large plate, and if you’re in the area it’s worth your time to visit, but KohSpot doesn’t recommend going out of your way togorge on the bird.The stall is located in the Suan Plu market, which is on the right before you hit the police station and erstwhile immigration center after turning from Sathorn Road. The road it’s on may be recognized by some locals as Suan Plu market soi, but if not it’s opposite soi 8. Walk 20 meters or so down, turn left and walk only 3 meters before turning right again and walking about 10 meters. The khao mun gai stall is on your left and is numbered 119/17. Gotta love getting lost in BKK markets.

Location: Suan Plu market, see previous paragraph.
MRT: Lumpini
Hours: 8 am-6 pm every day, or whenever they run out of food.

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