Ikea | Bangkok. No thanks.

ikea bangkokThere are a lot of things that perplex us everyday in Bangkok such as ketchup on pizza, parking attendant’s and their whistle habits, the point of satongs and Germans, but nothing, and we mean nothing, confuses us as much as the excitement surrounding the new Ikea in Bangkok.

The basic premise of Ikea is to provide cheap furniture that you assemble yourself with hints of Scandinavian design theories. And while our issue with Ikea isn’t in the furniture per se, its in the ubiquitousness that their furniture becomes. Its just a matter of time until every new restaurant, bar and condo shares the same faux-wood coffee tables and  uncomfortable chairs with exposed allen-wrenched screws. Bangkok is already becoming too plastic, Ikea will not help.

And although our preconceptions of Ikea were pretty bad, we decided to head out to Bang Na anyway to witness the circus of Ikea in action. Ingvar Kamprad, you’d be proud. The place was popping, consistent lines ringing up thousands of baht per minute of merchandise and not one witnessed complaint of their no-bag policy (in a country that is bag crazy).

But while we realize that our little post here isn’t going to dissuade the masses of Thailand to line up at Ikea on the weekends, weikea bangkok do hope that readers will think twice before sitting down at Ikea’s inner-store restaurant. Ikea’s restaurant has two main dishes, meatballs and salmon with chive sauce – they are so subpar that we threw half of our plate away. The salmon was not warmed all the way through, which is a problem for frozen fish and the meatballs were so bland that it raised curiosity as to whether its even meat.

Sure the prices at Ikea’s restaurant are reasonable at 145 baht for the salmon and 95 baht for 10 meatballs, but even with the low prices and the fact that there isn’t any other food options nearby and you’ve probably worked up a shopping appetite, trust us on this one – avoid this restaurant at all costs. Try to avoid the Ikea hype as well.

Location: Kilometer 8 of Bang Na-Trat Highway. If you can’t see the signs, you shouldn’t be driving.
Mass transit: Ikea actually runs its own bus from Sukhumvit, likely every hour.
Hours: Restaurant 9:30 am-9:30 pm daily
Phone: 02-711-4300

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