Greyhound Café: A Pioneering Brand

Even if you’re not a KohSpotter (we’re sorry), chances are you’ve tried Greyhound Café and know all about Greyhound’s clothing stores. Some may credit that to the store’s ubiquity, but the real reason there are so many Greyhound Café’s splattered around BKK is clever brand management and being at the forefront of urban dining trends.

Though it will likely never receive credit for it, Greyhound pioneered the idea of fusion restaurants in Bangkok, namely Thai-Italian, way back when spicy seafood spaghetti was still a glint in the eye of entrepreneurs’ dreams. And while both the theme and that dish have shot to international fame, it is Greyhound’s more innovative dishes such as lasagna salad (170 baht) and sandwich in a bowl (180 baht) that prove its fusion bona fides.
Like so many great brands, Greyhound appeals to hi-sos, and in so doing, also appeals to aspiring hi-sos (i.e. mid-sos). Their manifesto on the menu’s opening page explains the lifestyle aspirations it is trying to brand: “We love fashion, people watching, good food, art, travel, sitting and watching the world go by.” Well who wouldn’t love that? Those are pretty good words to live by, but we prefer the slogan that we personally had etched on the inside of our mirrored sunglasses: “Yes means yes, no means yes”.

At the J Avenue branch on Thong Lor, beautiful rich people and kinda ugly rich people dine at Greyhound cafe, but let’s be honest most of the hi-so crowd are ordering the nachos or beer batter fish and chips rather than the more cultivated homemade pate with cognac or grilled American scallops. And the décor is anything but hi-so: exposed cooling ducts and wires mixed with wall-to-wall bay windows. This is the quintessential example of being cool without looking like your trying – genius marketing. And all this before we even mention Greyhound starting the trend of making its employees wear t-shirts with snarky comments.

Of course the food is pretty tasty too. While the French onion soup (120 baht) lacked the salty bite KohSpot has come to crave, the lasagna salad provided the right acidic zest with its tomato dressing. The grilled vegetable salad with pesto (170 baht) was mouth-watering, but then KohSpot would eat grilled cardboard as long as it was layered with pesto. Hmmm…pesto.

Greyhound could have just developed a separate dessert shop, but you probably know Sweet Hound best as “the fancy waffle place”. Rightfully so, as the red velvet waffle (160 baht) made with berries in the batter and sides of red berry sauce, whipped cream and butter, is simply addictive. And while you are at you may as well add a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream (65 baht) to completely neglect the 2 hours of Pilates you completed earlier.

You don’t have to be planking on a milli to enjoy Greyhound Cafes. This is one chain restaurant that offers value.
Location: Greyhound just opened another branch, dubbed Another Hound, at Siam Paragon, first floor, along with a Sweet Hound branch. Greyhound Cafes are also found at Emporium, J Avenue Thong Lor, Central Chidlom, The Crystal (CDC), Siam Center, Villa on Phahonyothin and Suzuki Avenue Ratchayothin.

Greyhound Cafe
Mass transit: BTS Siam (for Paragon branch)
Hours: Usually open for lunch and dinner to about 11 pm, but during the floods it closes at 9 pm and the menu may be limited due to supply delays. Floods!!!!!
Phone: 02-129-4409 (for Paragon branch only)

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