Gourmet House: Airplane Food Reincarnated

Who would have thought an airline catering service would be able to transform their luxury lunchables into a respectable restaurant? Certainly not KohSpot, even if Thai Airways did strike a vein with Puff & Pie.

Located at the Eight Thonglor complex, across the hall and further back from the rabidly popular Crepes & Co, Gourmet House serves up soups, salads, savory and desserts, even baking its own bread and serving up breakfast at 7 am, always noteworthy in a city not known for its early morning options. It opened in December 2010.

Most people order their food to go, but for those who decide to enjoy their airplane food on terra firma there is a long wooden eating bar and three tables next to wall-to-wall windows available as seating options. Either way, both options are better than having to go through the dick scanner just to chomp on a few hard rolls.

Bangkok Air Catering provides meals for most of the Middle Eastern airlines, Bangkok Airways and is the secret sauce behind the success of Gourmet House. We know what you’re thinking: Airlines are not usually known for their great meals (unless your flying with us on a G6), but somehow Bangkok Air Catering captures the imagination of even the most scrupulous foodies. Get out of town! No really, get on a plane, go out of town and tell us what you think of the mid-flight meal.

The soups are rich and thick without being too salty, the salads and vegetables are fresh not limp, and their main courses such as beefgoulash (380 baht) are juicy and tender. Gourmet House tries hard with its sandwiches, offering up all the big names such as muffaletta (230 baht), reuben (180 baht) and a Cuban pork (180 baht), but they all seem to be missing an essential part, such as olive tapenade with the muffaletta. It may be that we have tasted the pinnacle of each sandwich and have become too picky in our old age – it is a blessing and a curse to have a palate this refined. Mostly, we just eat McDonalds these days to avoid disappointment.

Stick to the veggies, soups and mains and you won’t go wrong. Gourmet House also offers a set lunch (240 baht) that includes Italian vegetable soup, quiche Lorraine with grilled vegetables and balsamic dressing, sweet mango with crème de caramel and fresh coffee. Yum.

Horribly overpriced Movenpick ice cream is available, but their scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on a butter croissant with fresh fruit (170 baht) will wake you up, fill you up and leave your wallet intact.

Perhaps its greatest draw, both because it garners attention for the new store and it sells food the store would otherwise throw out, is their 50% off sale on bakery and dessert items from 8-10 pm every day. We’re talking proper puddings and crusty loaves here people.

Location: Ground flood, Eight Thonglor building. 88/1 Soi Thonglor, right at Thonglor Soi 8.
Mass transit: BTS Thong Lor
Hours: 7 am-10 pm daily
Phone: 02-713-8618

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