Getting high on cheese and wine: World Gourmet Festival at Four Seasons

For most worker monkeys mired in the muggy confines of Bangkok, the small, cold cheese storage caves of Alsace are figuratively a world away. And if you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing a ceremonie des fromages, this may be your one chance.

The 13th World Gourmet Festival at the Four Seasons will feature Eleveurs de Fromager Jean-Francois Antony on Sept 7 and 8. Jean-Francois is an avid proponent of France’s AOC system, which indicates the region where a food or beverage originated, and he sprinkles his cheese tastings with stories of the storage caves he visits around the region and how they intensify the dairy flavors.

Jean-Francois’ company supplies some of the most prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants around the world including Alain Ducasse and Pierre Gagnaire. Both raw milk and pasteurized cheeses are aged and on offer in a five-cheese tasting paired with wines from the Alsace region.

Jean-Francois and his father Bernard and pushing to preserve regional cheese-making techniques in the face of industrial homogenization. This kind of ceremony could only take place in Bangkok through the planning of the World Gourmet Festival.

This is why KohSpot feels like it is one of the best luxury splurges in the City of Angels, and 500 baht per ticket plus proceeds from an auction go to the Children’s AIDS project under the auspices of the Thai Red Cross. For more information go to


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