Four Seasons Restaurant at Siam Paragon: Roasted Duck Extravaganza

Four Seasons Restaurant is serving up Chinese roasted duck from London to Bangkokians – so international.


Background: Everyone knows London as a noisy, vibrant and truly multicultural megalopolis. Its famed for its pubs, theater, rain, an aging queen and of course those lovable Beckhams. Luckily when it came time for the Brits to import London’s charm to Bangkok they decided to go with one of their lesser known albeit more enjoyable products – roasted duck.

The famed Four Seasons Restaurant in London has been reviewed by reputable culinary publications as having the ‘best roast duck in the world’. Dynamite. Well thanks to the three musketeers of restauranteering Prinn Panitchapakdi (Thai), Peter Lam (Hong Kong based) and another Thai partner who prefers his anonymity (Taksin?), Fours Seasons has opened its doors in Bangkok. Only operational for a few short months Four Seasons Restaurant at Siam Paragon has lines around the corner any time of the day. Cha Ching.

Food: Fours Seasons Restaurant serves many traditional Chinese dishes such as soya chicken, steamed prawns and pork belly, but its really the roasted duck that has made this restaurant famous in London and now Bangkok. When ordering the roasted duck you have the choice between half a duck (600thb) or full duck (1,100thb) which is served on a bed of Chinese cabbage. Why all the fuss over roasted duck? Well, the ducks are specifically bred in the cold tundras of Siberia to increase their body-fat ratio, raised in Scotland on organic grasses and salmon where they waddle exactly 0.3 kilometers per day on a treadmill to build the correct muscle mass before being transported to Bangkok by an insulated Japanese built rocket where they die and are served hungry shoppers. Although the exact history behind what makes the roasted duck at the Four Seasons restaurant is a bit of a secret we like to think that our aforementioned interpretation as fairly accurate. Anyways, the thickly sliced duck will literally melt in your mouth and the home made Four Seasons sauce is a special treat in itself. Whatever you do please don’t remove the skin regardless of how health conscious you are as its really what makes this dish so mouth watering tasty. In short, the roasted duck is really good, but its not universe shattering delicious like the burritos at La Monita Taqueria nor is it worth a two hour wait in line.

Atmosphere: Cramped, busy and noisy. The service being speedy if not rushed. One attractive aspect of Fours Seasons Restaurant in Bangkok is that the service is leaps and bounds better than that experienced at the London location. Thai service > Chinese service is the conclusion. Is that racist? Guilty.

Get there early as Four Seasons Restaurant does not take any reservations. Crowds start lining up at Four Seasons at Siam Paragon as soon as it opens and people have reported waiting in line for more than two hours. Please note that the restaurant is currently closed from 4-6pm due to complications caused by the floods.

Four Seasons at Siam Paragon, Bangkok
Location: Floor G, Siam Paragon
Mass Transit: BTS Siam
Hours: 11:00 – 21:00 daily
Phone: +66 (0) 2610 9578

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