Fat Fish: Treasure in the Sukhumvit Sea

We love bold claims. We told our best friend in 4th grade that we could eat nothing but Fruit Roll-ups for an entire week. Timmy had his mind blown.  Later in life we claimed we could conceive two children at the exact same time.  We are still paying double child support. Now we are stepping up with an even bigger claim: Sukhumvit Soi 31’s restaurants can compete with Thong Lor, Chinatown, Silom or any other restaurant row in BKK.  We are daring.

Add Fat Fish to Bella NapoliIsao, the Eugenia Hotel’s restaurant, Cassia Café, Chapter 31 café and Duc de Praline chocolaterie to the list of absolute winners. Fat Fish is located near the first main intersection, right next to Abhisit’s house, so you know the place is legit, kinda.

Fat Fish excels for one reason – laser like focus. Concentrating on sushi and shellfish the eatery has masterminded the complimentary sauces or herbs that bring out the flavor of the sea creatures without overwhelming the freshness of the catch.

The sesame-crusted lightly seared tuna with ginger, soy, and wasabi dressing (290 baht) is a familiar take on an old favorite. With the tuna being cooked for less than five seconds every morsel of the dish was fresh, savory and of a delectable consistency.

The king scallops in white wine and herb butter (560 baht) offers three of the real deal scallops, big as baby’s fistand exceptionally luscious. King scallops don’t typically require much seasoning due to their sweet and aromatic flavor when cooked, but the wine and butter sauce only added to the dish.

KohSpot likes fruit and loves beer, but rarely loves fruity beer. But a bottle of Kasteel Rouge (190 baht) was so magnificent we’re willing to reconsider our stance. Kasteel has perfectly captured the sour of cherries with a hearty brown ale, keeping the fruit in the barrel for six months.

The restaurant’s put a few French quotes on the walls to inform you this is French cooking, but no reminder is needed to add Fat Fish to the growing list of outstanding Soi 31 restaurants. Here’s hoping a few more people venture to Fat Fish because it’s still a little light on customers.

Location: About 400 meters down Sukhumvit Soi 31 on the right-hand side, just after Cassia Café and before Chapter 31 café.

Mass transit: BTS Phrom Pong
Hours: 11:30 am-3 pm, 6 pm-11 pm daily
Phone: 02-261-2056

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