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One of the most touted Italian Restaurants as being the best in Bangkok to offer truly authentic Italian cuisine is Enoteca Italiana, hidden deep in the depths of Sukhumvit Soi 27 (follow the signs).

But whenever a place is fighting for the crown of “Best Of” there are sure to be critics, haters and ravers and Enoteca Italiana has its fair share. We personally love it.

If you know where Narz is, finding Enoteca Italiana will be easy as its right next door to the sub-soi that runs by the back parking lot of the after-hour party haven. Otherwise, weave your way up through Sukhumvit 27 and you’ll eventually run into a signed gated entrance to an old house and pleasant garden that sets the backdrop for your dining experience at Enoteca Italiana.

The interior at Enoteca Italiana feels like walking into an Italian barn. Its extremely cozy and is well lit with shaded lamps scattered around the room keeping the atmosphere romantic but approachable. The main dining room is spacious with cascading windows on one side and a small entrance to a walk-in wine cellar on the other. In the corner rests a bar with an espresso machine and a gigantic cheese and ham counter where one can order a plentiful platter of either. Sound travels pretty easily in the dining hall which can become annoying if the other diners get too drunk off the wine and loose their volume controls.

The owner and sommelier of Enoteca Italiana is Nicola Bonazza, the true prize of the establishment – an affable, friendly Italian.

Diners of Nicola’s establishment have the option of ordering single dishes from the menu or partaking in the Menu Degustation which stretches one’s taste buds a lot more creatively and gives the chef the opportunity to present his versions of very traditional Italian dishes in a beautiful cadence of courses.

Nicola likes to say, “Italian food is more than pizza and spaghetti” and his food offerings reflect the real art and culture of the cuisine. But that type of attitude hasn’t come without critics that swear by understanding Italian cuisine after 27 consecutive Fridays at the Olive Garden buffet that write-off Enoteca Italiana as a failure for not serving up pepperoni pies and meatballs. Nicola is serious about Italian cuisine and as many reviews showcase on the web, doesn’t take amateur customer criticism very well. And why should he? Nicola lives and breathes Italian cuisine so much so that he dedicated his life to Enoteca Italiana – we wouldn’t take uninformed criticism well either. Thumbs up for the swagger, Nicola.

We already mentioned that you can order straight from the menu or indulge in the set Menu Degustation, but another option, which was recommended to us, is allowing Nicola to create a four-course set menu based upon your likes and interests in food.  This way you’re not throwing darts at the menu or referencing dishes you enjoyed in the past that maybe out of season or doesn’t test the kitchen’s ability. But more likely, it helps avoid your Thai girlfriend from making any ordering faux-pas, such as asking for spaghetti with ketchup. Be humble and let Nicola be your guide.

As for the wine list, if you’re like us and have deconstructed a few simple likes in terms of wine such as grape, area, style, Nicola can actually give you a great recommendation from his extensive (300+) wine list that would pair well with the personally designed set-menu that he creates for your table. A rare trifecta of communication between guest, sommelier and chef that ensures your fine dining experience is tailored and personalized from both the food and wine perspective.

Its no surprise given the popularity of this place that the food is delicious. Not only is the concept fantastic but the execution and depth of the food itself is first class. Nicola even walks around the tables informing diners on the best way to eat the dishes, so passionate and enthralled with ensuring you enjoy the excitement of his home country’s cuisine. But instead of us blaring out food review jargon about the amuse bouche Parmesan Puff or the Zupa and tomato liquid tortelloni, we simply encourage you to visit this place on your own and have Nicola help you walk through a dinner that caters to your taste in juxtaposition to his love and knowledge for Italian cuisine and cooking. You won’t be disappointed.

The prices are steep and on par with any fine dining Italian establishment on the planet. Expect to pay top baht for top quality.

Enoteca Italiana
39 Sukhumvit Soi 27 (east of the Narz back parking lot)
02 2584386

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