Enchanted Bar: Thong Lor Roof Top Bar Hates Billionaires.

It takes a certain amount of balls and PR negligence for a bar to deny one of the world’s most popular icons of our time. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the ever pervasive FaceBook, infamously received the “Mai Dai” at Enchanted Bar. The local press went bananas, Zuck went here. Why was the Zuck denied entrance to this low key beer garden on the top of J avenue? Because Enchanted Bar was packed and had little room for another nerdy farang – fair enough.

However, this particular farang is worth Billions and helps millions of Thais waste their day playing Farmville so we were surprised to learn that Enchanted bar wasn’t able to make exceptions for the Zuck simply because they didn’t recognize him. If they had known who Mark Zuckerberg was and still denied him entrance because they don’t make exceptions for those with cash then we give them a giant round of applause. Enchanted Bar is clearly an egalitarian institution at heart and everyone knows that you can’t just go out and buy ballerness. You are either born with swagger or you are born a chump and we don’t mean to be sipping on Hate-O-Rade, but Zuck doesn’t exactly evoke the image of someone who demands respect (see right). Nerd alert.

Enchanted Bar on Thong Lor soi 15 isn’t going to win any awards for being a pioneering establishment. Relatively expensive Heineken, Singha, Thai sampler dishes and Hookah are the obligatory offerings of any roof top hipster bar and Enchanted Bar is no different. Predicatable whisky offerings (Black label will run you 4400THB) are on the menu and free peanuts come with any drink order.

Located adjacent to Tease Gallary, Enchanted Bar is a smattering of outdoor tables and accompanying low lying stools and lounge seating running the circumference of the giant patio. This place is good for catching up with friends or perhaps even for an after dinner drink with your date, but we wouldn’t recommend visiting Enchaned Bar to find your next ex-girfriend. The ‘house band’ typically plays a hybrid of Thai pop and Jazz, but occasionally Enchanted bar will attract bands of a more popular variety, such as the Youtube sensations Room 39.

The crowd is your predictable Thai Thong lor crowd who is either coming from their high stress job in the financial district or are just waking up from their nap and being dropped off in their mom’s benz. Either way they are here to relax, drink and look good.

As we encroach on beer garden season in Bangkok its nice to know that Enchanted Bar keeps things stylish without being stuffy. Enjoy a cold one.

Enchanted Bar
Location: Top floor of J Avenue, Thonglor 15, 4F, Sukhumvit 55
Mass Transit: BTS Thong Lor
Hours: Sun-Thu 5pm-12:30am; Fri-Sat 5pm-1:30a
Phone: (02) 81-452-3140

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