Duke’s Burger, Bangkok.

Duke’s, a long-time burger institution in Chiang Mai, initially opened due to the owner’s desire to provide rockstars and people who party like rockstars the ultimate hangover cure in the form of greasy, topping-stuffed burgers that would make any hangover seem like a walk in the park. Ok, we have no idea if that’s actually true, but god bless him if it is.

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Thankfully, about a year ago, Duke’s decided to dip its toes into Bangkok’s restaurant scene by setting up shop at Emporium’s Fifth Floor Food Hall. Since then websites from CNNGO (you guys rock) to Stickman’s weekly column have been jockin’ Duke’s as Bangkok’s Best Burger. And while we are hesitant to give it KohSpot’s peerless crown for Best Burger, we are still kinda tempted to.

Duke’s burgers are listed as having a quarter-pound of beef, though we presume there might be some confusion between the metric and imperial system of measurement as we’ve never seen a quarter-pound of beef that large. The taste is superb partly because it looks to be fresh hand-pattied beef, but also because it is still thick, meaning it takes a while to cook through the beef and the middle of the burger is still pink. The Duke Burger is a gigantic meat-patty with grilled onions, bacon, mushrooms, cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes and Thousand Island dressing (245 baht). It is so large you wonder how anyone could fit it in their mouth (that’s what she said), and after consuming the behemoth, you’ll not only have cured your hangover but probably be ready for a nap.

Also on the menu is Joe’s Famous Burger which has your standard toppings but complimented with a considerable amount of blue cheese and horseradish mayonnaise (245 baht). While its also delicious, the pungent blue cheese really overwhelms the rest of the burger so unless you are a real cheesehead, be careful with this one.

The burgers certainly aren’t for the budget-conscious, but the ingredients and quantity are definitely worth the price. The unlimited refills on lemonade (60 baht) (which in Thailand is limeade) is also welcome as they’ve seemed to have successfully solved the complex riddle of mixing sour with sweet.

While Duke’s also has pizza, fish and chips and numerous sandwiches including a pastrami reuben on top, their burgers are so good there’s no need to mess around with anything else.

Location: Fifth floor food hall, Emporium mall
BTS: Phrom Pong
Phone: 087-002-9214
Hours: 10 am-10 pm everyday

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