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There is often no rhyme or reason as to why a club in Bangkok seems to succeed or fail. It typically never has anything to do with music, location or ambience (ie Curve).  So when Demo opened as a New York loft-style club in the Thong Lor Soi 10 megaplex behind Muse in 2009, nobody knew what to expect.

People loved it. A few years later, people still love it.

The warehouse vibe with graffiti and grit is just the party environment Bangkokians were looking for. It felt more Williamsburg, Brookyln  than Thong Lor, Bangkok with beautiful people in place of greasy hipsters. Demo never looked back and is still one of the kings of the nightlife landscape in Bangkok with party promotions happening almost every night.

Demo is located right next to Funky Villa. In fact, its actually connected meaning entrance to one gives you access to the other. Demo draws an older crowd (meaning older than University students) than its neighbor, and as a result, is a lot less pretentious and people seem to hold their liquor in more proper manners. Fraternizing with patrons on Demo’s front terrace is a common activity which we attribute to the more sophisticated clientele. Party-goer confidence is higher at Demo, and most people are willing to engage and socialize in interesting dialogue. We’ve met some very smart, connected and interesting Thai people and globe-trotting farang outside Demo. Its a great place to network if you are new to Bangkok.

And while those faithful readers of KohSpot know our opinions on house/dance/techno music, its the main source of sound at Demo. The sacrifices we make.

And while there are things we like about Demo and things we loathe, its Thailand, so you’ll always have your sprinkling of bizarre anecdotes and failed marketing strategies.

Who could forget their Cocktail-esque bartenders who stand on the bar, lighting alcohol and portions of their body on fire? Or their slide-of-hand “Free Heineken nights.” But its all in good fun and they’ve continued to reinvent their themed evenings and parties over the years to keep things fresh and evolving. Salute.

There is no cover charge at Demo, but a cocktail costs what it would in a hotel lounge. Even the beers are over 200 baht. Your better bet is to pop Black Label for 2,200 baht and make some friends.

Demo draws the anorexic Eastern European model set mid-week which can mean a really melancholy, depressing mood or saucy excitement, depending on their levels of ‘intake.’

The best way to stay in touch at what’s going on at Demo is through their Facebook Page. But honestly, we find the best nights at Demo are those that aren’t sponsored or planned, so you may want to check Demo’s party calendar to decide which days not to go.

Location: Thong Lor Soi 10, in the complex behind Muse, next to Funky Villa
Mass transit: BTS Thong Lor or Ekkamai, every taxi or motosai will know where Demo is. Or walk for 15 minutes.
Hours: 7 pm-2 am daily
Phone: 085-250-2000

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