Cupcake Love

Riding the 5-year coattails of the global cupcake-craze, Bangkok’s very own Cupcake Love has been serving up the decadent American childhood treat to Siam shoppers en masse for the past few months.

Unless you’ve been hiding in Isaan for the past half-decade, you’ve surely heard about the transformation of cupcakes from pre-school birthday treat to fashionable and trendy food product, with foodies engaging in heated international debate on the merits of good cupcaker’y.  KohSpot, having enjoyed some of the world’s renowned cupcakes from places such as Billy’s Bakery, Cupcake Royale and Magnolia Bakery, was excited to indulge in Bangkok’s Cupcake Love to see what they were all about.

But first, some details on Cupcake Love.

Cupcake Love has two locations in Bangkok: the 3rd floor of the Digital Gateway Building in Siam Square and on the 7th floor of Central World. Its culinary team is lead by the adorable, rosy-cheeked Nisa Dachoponchai who crafted her baking skills at Le Cordon Bleu’s reputable Culinary Arts School. Cupcake Love is open from 10am – 9pm everyday and is cash-only. They make their cupcake’s fresh every-day with no preservatives.

So what makes a good cupcake?

For starters, the cake has to find the tricky balance of remaining very moist and dense yet still containing a slightly crumbly texture. The frosting needs to compliment the style of cake serving as its base while also acting as the agent to provide that over-the-top sugary decadence we all seek in a cupcake. It sounds so simple but is one of the hardest things for a baker to master.

So how does Cupcake Love match-up?

At first we didn’t think it was fair to compare Cupcake Love to some of the world’s best cupcakes, but after we read the sign that sits above their glass cupcake display counter at Central World, “As good as Magnolia Cupcake, New York City,” we felt they were prepared for the challenge. A challenge they ultimately could not match-up against.

With a wide array of cupcake variations such as White Chocolate Macadamia, Kit Kat Chocolate, Red Velvet, Cookies-n-Cream, Sweet Lemony, Ohayo Green Tea and a carrot-flavored cupcake, there is something for almost every type of sweet tooth. However, where they do a good job in providing variety, their cupcakes came out dense, but rather dry – not even a hint of moisture. The taste of the cakes were familiar to something you’d get from a generic supermarket bakery, not a boutique speciality bakery for which they aim to be.

As for the frostings, The Cookies n’ Cream and Kit-Kat Chocolate’s toppings were more milky than sweet and the Lemon and Green Tea cupcake flavors were too subtle to leave a lasting impression.  We will give Cupcake Love credit for their Red Velvet cupcake, which is by far the most difficult cake style to get correct, but for the most part, Cupcake Love misses the mark when going head-to-head with other cupcake greats.

Most cupcakes are 80 baht, or you can buy four mini cupcakes for 125 baht. In fact, the price is the only area where Cupcake Love really matches up to a place such as Magnolia Bakery.

Bottomline: Its best not to compare yourself to the world’s gold standard unless you truly are providing something unbelievable.

Cupcake Love
3rd Floor Digital Gateway Building and 7th Floor Central World
Phone: 0814963130
Open: 10am – 9pm

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