Coffee Beans by Dao

KohSpot sits up and pays attention when trusted colleagues recommend a place as Bangkok’s “Best Dessert Destination.” Enter Coffee Beans by Dao.

Widely known for its carrot cake, cheesecakes and ability to attract hi-so ladies in droves, Coffee Beans already has six locations in Bangkok. Ironically, their menu pays no special mention to coffee items and we didn’t notice a single person drinking coffee at a packed Siam Paragon.

“Packed” is an understatement. We spend an embarrassing amount of time at the Paragon Mall and have never passed by Coffee Beans by Dao without donning a phenomenally long queue. Its not quite Krispy Kreme long, but expect a 20-30 minute wait most evenings. But if you have the time, its worth the wait.

The décor is as tasteful as you can make mall dining, with floral paintings and mirrors on the walls amid tables situated uncomfortably close to one another to maximize the space.

While the desserts were lauded, KohSpot wanted to see what the place could do with appetizers and mains. We were pleasantly surprised at the able kitchen’s handling of European fare. Much of its options are simple, such as an Italian tuna salad (250 baht) and spinach gratin (250 baht), but Coffee Beans was able to get the flavors just right.

The chicken parmesan pizzaoili (290 baht) was plenty cheesy though it could use some more marinara sauce, but the vegetable served with it was brussel sprouts. Brussel sprouts! Where else in Bangkok are you going to get brussel sprouts, let alone tasty ones? Brussel sprouts that were pan-fried in oil and bacon. Coffee Beans by Dao, you devilish dog, you. Thank you.

Moving on.

Its good to have rules in life. Never take a laxative and an ambien in the same night; answer any important question by asking yourself, “What would Gucci Mane do?” and if fate offers you the chance to eat a Napolean, you take it.

Napoleon is a dessert made of several thin layers of phyllo dough interspersed with chocolate ganache and topped with either whipped cream or a sauce. KohSpot doesn’t know of anywhere else in Bangkok that makes a true Napoleon, and while Coffee Beans chooses to make the layers of phyllo dough rather thick, the ganache alone earns its props.

Also of note is the carrot cake, which has the two necessary ingredients often lacking at other restaurants: the cake is moist, and the cream cheese frosting is properly sour. Big ups.

We often are disappointed by the places people recommend to us, but Coffee Beans by Dao delivered on many levels. Worth the wait, great chef, delicious menu and decadent dessert offerings to accompany your hi-so shopping day.

Coffee Beans by Dao
Location: Ground floor of Siam Paragon, in addition to stores on Ekamai Road, Silom, CentralWorld, Ruamrudee Village and Paradise Park.
Mass transit: BTS Siam
Hours: 10 am-10 pm daily
Phone: 02-713-2504 (Ekamai store)

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