Charlermthai Bar – A Relic of Thai Cinema

The Charlermthai Theatre was the place to take a date in the 1960s. At the height of Bangkok’s emergence into modernization, the Charlermthai opened and projected motion pictures from around the world in a lush, 1,500 seat theatre on Ratchadomneon Road.

A handful of years later, the Charlermthai Theatre was torn down (much to the dismay of many Bangkokians) and became a distant memory for many in Thailand. Now, in Town-in-Town, Chalermthai Bar has opened in homage and reflection of the old Chalermthai Theatre with rave review.

Old Thai movies play constantly on the screens at Charlermthai Bar. The walls are festooned with film posters of 1970 flicks from a time when the Thai government imposed taxes on imported cinema and where locally produced, low-grade action movies churned out in the hundreds.

The furniture feels stripped right from the age of Charlermthai Theatre with aged wooden chairs colored brown, green and full orange. An antique poker/gambling table in front of a flat-screen television, which artfully has an old TV frame, gives even more personality to the bar.

Outside you’ll walk on tattered old red carpet where a big screen projects old film (and EPL games when a big match is on) on a nightly basis.

The menu is Thai and good. They have dishes listed in English and Thai and are known for their winged-bean salad and traditional Thai soups and curries.

If you are lucky, the movie being highlighted the night you go will be from the Thai New Wave movement of cinema. And while the films may be muted, the fighting scenes are classic. In fact, one fun thing to do at Charlermthai with friends is to each take a character and voice over the movie. Hilarious, funny, and enlightening to how creative/perverted some people can get.

Live Thai band every night at 10pm.

Chalermthai Bar
Address: The Town Road, Town in Town, Ramindra Expressway, Wangtanglang, Bangkok 10310 It’s located down the soi from “Let’s Sea”
Phone: 089-106-6631

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