Burger Factory Brings the Bangkok Beef

If it seems like there’s been an explosion of burger joints in our fair city the past 12 months, that’s because there has been. One only has to take a casual stroll through Bangkok Burger Blog’s roster to find plenty of burger-only options amid the newly opened bars and restaurants. Yep, Burger Factory is the latest contender in the growing battle for the title of Bangkok’s Best Burger.  Watch your back Firehouse!

With a strong conviction of carnivorism KohSpot considered it mandatory to test Burger Factory, located at our favorite community mall in Bangkok, the one at the corner of Ekamai Soi 10 (rumored to be the oldest community mall in Bangkok). In addition to Burger Factory, the mall houses several great places to hang out, including Happy Monday, Blue Door café, Crepes Corner, and the Smallroom record label so keep this utopia of options in mind when trying to decide where to eat with the significant other this week.  Moving along..

Co-owners Nat and Nick nurtured a love of burgers while earning their master’s degrees in the US, seeking out choice eateries as foodies. Since our destiny as burghers is to eat burgers, we can sympathize. The boys brought their enthusiasm for beef back to Bangkok and set up a burger shop that is steeped in wrought iron spanning from the kitchen to the light fixtures to the gears poised above the booth seating.

Burger Factory eschews the ubiquitous Thai-French beef most burger restaurants use because they feel it is too inconsistent, preferring Australian grain-fed or grass-fed beef that is hormone-free. We went with their trademark option, the Factory Burger (290 baht), which is a bacon cheeseburger with carmelized onions and fresh sweet onions, as well as their secret sauce. The burger was an absolute delight, cooked medium with a slight hint of pink in the middle, the crisp lettuce and tomato providing a nice counterbalance to the heavy beef and American cheese. For our taste, the one failing ingredient was the secret sauce, which had been lathered on the burger and was much too sweet. We will ask for the sauce on the side next visit. The buns deserve special mention since they are made in-house: they hold together well and were lovingly toasted, often an overlooked factor in a burger.

The patty melt unites gruyere, gouda and carmelized onions on top of a juicy burger, and if it came with lettuce and tomato it would probably have been KohSpot’s pick of the litter. The milkshakes (120 baht) use real ice cream and come highly recommended.

Burger Factory fills up on weekends with the crowd spilling out to the patio on nice days. Guinness and Kilkenny are on tap, while about 10 foreign bottles are on offer. Burger Factory has only been open three months and already it’s generated plenty of buzz, which has even been a little surprising for the proprietors. They must be onto something.

Burger Factory
Location: 3 Ekamai Soi 10, in the community mall at the bak soi of Soi 10
Mass transit: BTS Ekamai
Hours: 11:30 am-10 pm daily, closes Friday and Saturday at midnight, opens weekends at 11
Phone: 02-714-4249


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