Breakfast Review: Coffee Gallery at CDC.

Coffee Gallery—completing the trifecta?

All KohSpot’ers are well aware of the offerings available at the legendary Crystal Design Center (CDC) in Bangkok. Singha is holding it down in the evenings with the best brew pub in the world a la Est 33., or at least in Bangkok. NYCC has the afternoons on lock with arguably the best pastrami sandwich in the world, or at least in Bangkok. And recently more and more Thai publications are giving props to a breakfast/coffee joint called Coffee Gallery. Seriously, CDC is trying to take over the world, or at least Bangkok. Everything is in your favor Coffee Gallery, let see what you’ve got. The stage is yours…


The décor is run-of-the-mill coffee house, same style as Starbucks or Bruegger’s Bagels. Soft on the eyes, comfortable and just begging for you to indulge in their mass produced coffee culture and update your Facebook profile, Coffee Gallery is nice, but nothing too special or unique. More time could have spent on the interior design.


The inhabitants of Coffee Gallery are hi-so mak mak. A Lamborghini special edition (about $750,000) was posted up out front begging for attention. Its the type of place where people will go simply to ‘tweet their location in the almighty climb up the social latter. Not sure if this is the right crowd for a coffee culture revolution in Bangkok.


Egg sandwiches with French toast, pancakes or waffles substituted for bread. Yes, please. Off to a good start here CoGall (that nick name probably won’t stick). The scrambled eggs and sausage combo is delicious, but good enough to justify the trip out here? Keep reading.


Having to pay for the internet at a coffee shop is blasphemous, especially when the place is too expensive and the year is 2010. The Hollandaise sauce is bland making the Eggs Benedict out of the question. The portions are small and over priced like a Japanese hooker. 75baht++ for a half-ass cup of coffee? Most dishes are around 150baht and lack any flavor. Coffee Gallery has nothing on Molly Malone’s, Au Bon Pain, or even S&P when it comes to morning destinations beyond beautiful, rich, white-skinned Thais and impressive cars – both of which are less impressive hungover at breakfast.


Two thumbs down.

Coffee Gallery
Address: Crystal Design Center, Praditmanoontham Rd.
Phone: 02-102-2115

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