Bangkok’s V8 Diner. FAIL

KohSpot is going to be drawn in by any place that is advertising 29 baht Tiger and Chang. And if it also is an American diner that is open 24 hours, so much the better.

But KohSpot takes issue with any establishment that pretends to be something other than what it truly is, and feels obligated to point out a fraud to its readers.

V8 Diner, located in the cul-de-sac next to Sukhumvit Soi 12 that includes Sunrise Tacos, presents itself as a 1950s American diner and has been decorated as such. The place serves burgers, fries and shakes, and a surfboard and jukebox with neon lights. Old-school fake Coke bottles are also present to remind the older baby-boomer expats in Bangkok of their neglected childhood (we kid).

Having said that, V8 doesn’t hide the fact that it is owned by the same people that run Insomnia, an after-hours club on Sukhumvit Soi 12. In fact, the back door to V8 connects to Insomnia and any purchase at the diner allows free entry to the club (normally a 300 baht cover for guys and 200 for gals). So for those committing to Insomnia (debatable why you would), this might be an economical way of going about the rest of your night.

KohSpot had high hopes for V8 because of Bangkok’s dearth of late-night grease bombs, long an ancient Chinese secret against warding off Captain Hangover. And with breakfast platters and chili dogs (230 baht), how could you mess that up?

The patty melt (255 baht) with sautéed onions and Swiss cheese over a burger was passable, but it was served open face on one slice of rye bread. A burger is consumed with the hands, not a knife and fork. The fries were mealy, and the chocolate shake (95 baht) was listed as having “lots of ice cream”. It had no ice cream, and was a slushy mess of ice, milk, cheap chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Worst milkshake ever.

The menu makes a big deal about the real Wurlitzer, and it might actually be real, but it looks fake to KohSpot and it certainly doesn’t play music. Instead we are treated to the same club anthems that are available in Insomnia. It must be easier to only have one iPod playlist.

If you’re going to Insomnia for the night, by all means pound at V8 and avoid the cover, but that’s really the only reason to hit this fraud. EPIC FAIL.

V8 Diner
Location: Adjacent to Times Square, close to Sukhumvit Soi 12, in the same complex as Sunrise Tacos.
Mass transit: BTS Asok or MRT Sukhumvit
Hours: 24 hours daily
Phone: 02-229-4453

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