Bangkok’s Four Seasons Sunday Brunch.

Four Seasons Sunday Brunch - Bangkok

KohSpot has spoke many times in these pages of the fickle loyalty of the Bangkok consumer and the ever-shifting transmogrification of what’s hot and what’s not.

One of the very few places that has perennially been on the city’s hot-list is The Four Seasons Sunday Brunch.

Dust off your Gucci loafers, strap on your Hublot, drown yourself in opulence and head with us to the Four Seasons Sunday Brunch.

The Four Seasons Sunday Brunch in Bangkok is spread out over three spaces: Spice Market, which is more family-friendly; Madison, which offers dining pods catering to higher privacy and more elegant round clothed tables for those with larger parties; and Aqua, the outdoor lounge surrounded by water which sports a more adult vibe as smoking is allowed and a breezy three-piece jazz set strums in the corner.

Four Seasons Sunday Brunch Bangkok

Approaching a Sunday Brunch is one of planned strategy and gastronomic understanding, particularly when you’re looking down the barrel of a three-hour-plus lunch orgasm. You don’t want to over-stretch too early by indulging in breads, croissants or other pastries that are carb heavy and will leave you full and sleepy. If you’re like us, you head straight to the ever-famous caviar station.

This is not just any caviar station. The Four Seasons Sunday Brunch caviar station is served from a guy in knee high rain boots who wades in a koi pond which houses the caviar station serving to your specifications. Oh yea, its also set behind a glass sculpture of two dolphins (image above).  Ridiculously awesome. The caviar and fish roe served from mother of pearl spoons was above average; we think the caviar was Sevruga, a step up from carp. They serve salmon roe opposed to actual sliced salmon which is against our personal preference but the quality of the roe made us shut-up and enjoy.

On to the bar where we were somewhat disappointed that sparkling wine was being poured opposed to champagne but you certainly couldn’t fault the over-abundance of drink options. The bar was cracking out Mimosas, Kir Royales, Bloody Mary’s and Martinis. Wine and seven different kinds of fresh squeezed juices are on tap.

Four Seasons Sunday Brunch - BangkokAfter the caviar plate, your options open up – big time. Some may opt for a salad course, which is basic but satisfactory or their made-to-order sashimi station for a lighter Japanese touch. And then even some bold customers will want to dive straight into one of the cuisine corners stationed throughout the three rooms for more gluttony. Some items you plate yourself, traditional buffet style. Others you exchange a card with your table number on it with the promise of expedited service straight to your table with your ordered dish.

For instance, head to “From the Grill” which offers up lamb chops, home-made sausages, Australian been tenderloin, tiger prawns, rock lobster, roast prime ribs, pumpkin soup and much more. Or, if you are craving some mid-meal spice, you can head over to the Som Tom station or the Indian Food Corner which dons an actual tandoori which spits out delicious tikkas and plentifully buttered garlic and plain nan.  If you’re feeling a bit daring enter the Foie Gras Station which serves cook to order dishes of the delicacy such as foie gras sausage.

Those looking to nibble on the exquisite meats and imported cheese will find themselves overwhelmed with such great charcuterie options in the Madison room. Slowing down and nearing dessert? You have options. A crepe station that will make just about anything you request, a 3 meter long dessert table that serves everything from macarons, to cupcakes, cakes and freshly made ice-cream that all will certainly sting your sweet tooth. But beware, they don’t seem to refill the desserts so heaven forbid you wait until the last minute of the brunch to indulge on these treats.

four seasons sunday brunch bangkokGiven all these great options one would think you might panic in some misplaced anxiety attack of too many choices, but there is actually a languid pace to the meal.

While its not necessarily requisite for the service to be exceptional for a buffet style brunch we were floored by the professionalism of absolutely everyone working at the Four Seasons – from the second we entered to the lobby until we walked out four hours later. Now that’s management.

Sure, the price per person just exceeds 2,500 baht, but glance again at all the imported food on offer and you’ll see why. Its actually a bargain if you think about it and can easily keep you full for the whole day. Or, if you’re one that trips over-themselves at the sight of an open-bar, you can justify the cost through alcoholic consumption, we suppose.

The crowd at the Four Seasons Sunday Brunch felt very international with foreign dialogues echoing off the walls that were only matched by the foreign brands draped as wardrobes. The Sunday Brunch really does a great job of catering successfully to power-brokers, families, tourists and Bangkok expats like ourselves, all at once.

If you don’t make a reservation, you’re unlikely to find a table. If possible, reserve at least week in advance, especially if you have a specific area you’d like to be seated.

That the Four Seasons is the best Sunday Brunch in Bangkok is probably the city’s worst kept secret, and with good reason: it delivers on all the hype.

Four Seasons Sunday Brunch
Location: 155 Rajadamri Road, in between the St. Regis and the Grand Hyatt Erawan hotels
Mass transit: BTS Rajadamri
Hours: 11:30 am-3 pm Sundays
Phone: 02-126-8866 ext 1231

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