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A lot has been written and raved about the rooftop dining and eating options in Bangkok. Most point to spots such as the State Tower and the Banyan Tree in the Sathorn/Silom neighborhoods. And while those are lovely and all, we prefer to tell our taxi “Sukhumvit Soi Sip-Hok” when looking for baller-level sky-bar venues to sip our Ciroc martinis en route to a night out.

The venue: Long Table, an open-air (not rooftop) bar and restaurant at the Column Building on Sukhumvit 16.

Maybe its because Long Table is super laid back. Or maybe its the fact that Long Table tends to attract a more local and working class customer base, being off the major tourist line. Or still maybe its because the views over Queen Sirikit Lake and Sukhumvit environs are more identifiable to us than the Chao Phraya. Whatever it is, Long Table has that “it” factor where you just feel cooler, smarter, taller, and convince yourself to take up a new hobby such as contemporary painting when there. They even have this interesting encased light-bulb display (pictured) when you get off the elevator that looks similar to the interior design of Ash Sutton’s new Cloud Bar in SeenSpace. Even the toilets are baller at Long Table which were clearly inspired by someone watching too many Stanley Kubrick films.

Similar to the State Tower and Banyan Tree, Long Table is actually a bar and a restaurant. The restaurant is centered around a vaunted 25 meter long table and scattered red and black hued booths. They call the cuisine “Thai Fusion” which is a disservice for those that are really fusing international cuisines in Bangkok; this is just Thai food.

The bar draws more customers than the restaurant and controls the majority of the outdoor seating/viewing areas. Long Table’s happy hour is particularly juicy where from 1700 -1930 drinks are two for one and any three dishes are 399 baht++. They slang a crushing Tawan (raspberry vodka, cointreau, orange wedge, lychee elderflower syrup, pomegranate juice and soda water) and a salty soi dog (vanilla vodka, grapefruit juice, pomelo juice and lime juice) that will prep you nicely for the upcoming night. We were also told that their margarita is “so amazing!” from an inebriated girl who very likely was drinking a Mojito. You know how that goes.

The DJs play a mix of jazz, funk, house, or any two of those words with a y at the end such as jazzy house. The music envelops the spirit of sipping cocktails 25 floors towards heaven. Time tends to slow down.

The super chilled out vibe at Long Table doesn’t bode well with the fact that there is a gigantic infinity swimming pool that jets out the open-aired terrace and screams pool-party. Alas, the pool is always empty. And while its aesthetic is nice and all, why doesn’t Long Table throw a little swimwear fashion show or pool party in KohSpot’s honor? We’re just sayin….

For that period between dinner and the clubs, Long Table is the place to be seen, enjoy tasty drinks and mingle with friends and the other mid-so variety. The restaurant, in our opinion, is a pass.

Long Table
Location: 25th floor, Column Building, 48 Sukhumvit Soi 16. Accessible from either Asok/Ratchada or Sukhumvit Soi 16, don’t forget that the soi doesn’t connect to Sukhumvit Road.
Mass transit: BTS Asok or MRT Sukhumvit
Hours: 5 pm-2 am daily
Phone: 02-302-2557-9

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