Bangkok Ice Bar

You know what’s better than going for a swim on a sweltering June night? Pounding vodka shots in a -5° ice bar without a coat on. Boom!

Bangkok actually has two ice bars, which is odd for a muggy, tropical city, as you usually read about them in cold party cities like Riga or Stockholm. Most people have been to Thaitanium on Sukhumvit Soi 22 which is more like a walk-in freezer than a bar. Don’t get it twisted, the -5° ice bar on Silom next to Jameson’s Irish Pub at the intersection with Surasak is no freezer, this is the real deal – a legit, full-sized ice bar.

Opened last August, the ice bar’s long-standing promotion allows ladies to enter from Monday through Thursday for 350 baht, while for all other days and for men it is 500 baht. The cover allows a patron to either enjoy unlimited vodka (hollar!) and juice shots for 20 minutes or five straight vodka shots. This is the appetizer ingredient for a really fun night out with your friends. Fun, unique and an amazing pre-party destination.

“No matter how much you drink, you don’t really feel it until you step outside into the hot night air, and then it hits you like a ton of bricks,” said Ian Harriss, the general manager. Is that why Russians can drink so much vodka?

But because the ice bar is going through some learning curves, including setting the coolers to the wrong temperatures so some of the sculptures started to melt, the promotion is also changing starting in June. Harriss said some people thought the entry was too expensive and they didn’t end up drinking that much so it is now a 200 baht cover that includes one shot of vodka, and 100 baht for every shot after that.

“For a lot of locals, this is something completely different, because they think cold is 15° so when they come into our ice bar where it is -15° to -5° at all times, it can be bracing,” said Harriss. “That’s why we limit their exposure to 20 minutes and give them coats to wear, because we don’t want Thais getting colds.”

He has plans to put in ice sofas and do more with the design, which already has two windows that look out onto the intersection and a giant hollow vodka bottle made of ice that people can climb into.

The shot glasses are made of ice as well, so of course people try to shatter them when they are drunk, but throwing them earns immediate ejection from the bar.

If you have KohSpot sized cojones, we challenge you to the following:

  1. Take the Jameson’s Pub (next door) challenge of eating 12 suicide wings coated in a sauce made of ghost chilies that measures over 1 million on the Scovell index in 10 minutes.
  2. 5 minute break
  3. Enter -5 Ice bar and slam five shots in 20 minutes (that’s one every four minutes)

Document the feat, send it to and we promise to send you something very cool. We won’t disappoint. Puking disqualifies you.

-5 Ice Bar
Location: At the corner of Silom and Surasak, at the ground floor of the Holiday Inn complex.
Mass transit: BTS Surasak
Hours: 4 pm-1 am daily
Phone: 02-266-7703

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