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Walking down the street, three sheets to the wind, dressed up like a zombie, do you really want a bunch of ghouls to creep out from behind the bushes and perform Michael Jackson’s Thriller right in the street? Absolutely! Because if you’re in that situation later this month on Sukhumvit Soi 11, that means you’re a part of the 3rd annual Zombie Walk. If you find yourself in this situation and you are not part of the 3rd annual Zombie Walk then you are a weirdo.

The Zombie Walk is one of the main events organized by Bangkok Haunt, self-described as a clandestine group of derelicts that love Halloween, scaring people, ghosts, and generally all the benefits that come with dressing up and pretending you’re someone or something else. Sounds a like a Bangkok version of the bohemian club – we want in. The chief mayhem officer is Justin Dunne, and when he’s not busy keeping Bed Supperclub a mecca of buzz, he loves nothing more than to get his spook on.

The Details:  The Zombie Walk starts at 2 pm at the Hard Rock Cafe and 250 baht fee includes one drink and a canapé. Participants are asked to donate one cognitive development toy to the Pattaya Orphanage for charity. At 4:45 pm the songthaews will start to leave for Sukhumvit Soi 11. The procession down the street including the Thriller dance will take about 30 minutes which Bangkok Haunt hopes to close for a spell, as it will be decked out this year with gory scenes from car crashes.  Time for reflection – car crashes in Thailand kill an estimated 35 motorists per day. And people stay up at night worrying about a military coup d’état or natural disaster, bah. The devilish indulgence continues at Aussie pub from 6:30-9 pm with prizes given for top 5 realistic zombies, and then wristbands after 9 pm for drink specials at Bed, QBar and Nest in order to get properly loose/tipsy/sloshed.

KohSpot loves nothing more than an impromptu music video dance-off (we do them daily) and we give props to Bangkok Haunt’s Halloween inspired performance street art. To be honest, KohSpot thinks it’s amazing Bangkok Haunt can get businesses to sign on to the walk. The BTS has repeatedly turned down offers to be involved because it is afraid the zombies will scare its customers. Apparently not everyone thinks drunk zombies running amok in BKK is a good thing.

Bangkok Haunt hosts other events as well, notably a vampire prom as well as a circus at Bed, but its big project is a ghost tour that Justin hopes to unveil by year-end. Geared mostly to tourists, the tours will visit several places in greater Bangkok where locals believe ghosts reside and tell the tales. A man destroyed the Erawan Shrine at the Ratchaprasong intersection with a hammer, after which a mob chased him down and beat him to death. Does his ghost still linger at one of Bangkok’s most popular tourist corners? High probability. Browse around the group’s website for a map of haunted locales in Bangkok as well as links to several articles and even tips on how to make your costume.

The Zombie Walk
Location: The Zombie Walk will start at Hard Rock Café. See the website for details.
Mass transit: Hard Rock Café access is from BTS Siam
Hours: Starts mid-afternoon

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