Bangkok Bitter: Black Pizza and Fusion

While Bangkok Bitter is a great name for a restaurant we were initially very disappointed they didn’t offer bitter beer as this was our original motivation for walking in. Fortunately, Bangkok Bitter does excel in other pursuits that often times leave restaurants falling short of greatness. Bangkok Bitter serves up wonderfully prepared food, the service is quick and cheerful, and their location is prime.

The main draw at Bangkok Bitter is its black pizza (250 baht++), so named because of its dough (no, its not made of cornbread and collard greens). The dough is not really bitter per se, but the hearty mix sure is tastier and bulkier than what you would typicall expect with a whole wheat dough based pizza. Lathered on top is an ample amount of thick tomato sauce, not some watery slop, with a smattering of mozzarella and capped by parma ham. The result is a salty, warm slice, that comes highly recommended by this prestigious publication.

The chef reportedly graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School, which seems to be a prerequisite for opening an eatery in Bangkok or starring in a mid-day television advertisement targeting the unemployed – “Have you ever thought of a career in the culinary arts? Apply to Le Cordon Bleu Today!”.  Bangkok Bitter really starts to shine when they start slanging the fusion dishes like steak with Thai green curry (350 baht++), seafood salad (350++), crab bisque with fresh cream (140++), and sea bass with lemon butter sauce (350++). Alright, some of those dishes aren’t exactly fusion, but that doesn’t mean the steak with curry wasn’t a good combination. It’s obvious someone in the kitchen knows how to cook – “Like working in the Kitchen? Le Cordon Blue Can Be Your Ticket to a Career in the Culinary Arts!”

The vibe is very low-key, with soft mood music for the most part, light wood accents combining with brick and blue, perhaps a sign of melancholy. Despite the venue’s limited size, we appreciate that Bangkok Bitter didn’t try to jam as many tables in as possible, and with an outside balcony and a sectioned off left corner, an intimate meal remains an option.

This restaurant just opened a week ago, so give it some time to sort out mistakes. It is still finalizing its beer imports, co-owner Vanessa tells KohSpot, but a glass of La Trappe tripel emitted a tangy zest reminiscent of Belgian brews, even though it’s a Dutch product.

The mini-mall where it’s located really needs more parking, so that might mean walking a tad if you drive. But you have to rate the neighborhood a plus when judging Bangkok Bitter’s business viability, and tell KohSpot what you think of the black pizza if you end up going. We love the feedback.

Bangkok Bitter
Location: 2nd floor of 88 mini-mall, Thong Lor Soi 5. Either turn right on the first major subsoi on Soi 5, or turn left on first major subsoi of Thong Lor Soi 9.
Mass transit: BTS Thong Lor. About 10 to 15 minutes walking or taxi/motosai it.
Hours: About noon to midnight daily, though hours might change as it gets up and running.
Phone: 02-712-7996

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