Baan Beer 22 – A Diamond in the Rough

Queen’s Park Plaza is located a mere 250 meters down Sukhumvit 22.  The self-proclaimed “Best Quality Entertainment Center” was created after the fall of the Asian economy in 1998 as the lot remained undeveloped and prime for squatters of any sort. The place was booming with sordid bars by 2001. If you have never had the pleasure of walking the Queen’s Park Plaza alleyway you will quickly realize the vastness of this entertainment complex as there are more than 30 bars packed into this outdoor arena. All of them are small; some of them only have room or 8-10 patrons, 90% have pool tables and the average age of the customers is 68 (or about half that for the females).

So where’s this article going?

It’s going right into the belly of the beast, right into the heart of this seedy compound of bars, beer bellies and girls who love guys who survive off social security. That’s right; Kohspot is doing some investigative journalism folks, smack dab in the bowels of Queens Park Plaza.

And what did we find after 10 minutes inside this secret world of pimps, players and floozies?  In the middle of this Pattaya style sex oasis is surprisingly a very normal restaurant.

Baan Beer 22 is strictly a restaurant, which is exactly what makes this establishment stand out from the other beer slanging coke holes they have for neighbors. With ample outdoor seating Baan Beer 22 attracts a chilled out crowd, offers delicious and affordable cheap Thai food (about 100baht a plate) and cheap drinks (Singha for 75baht).

The best part is the crowd watching. Oh my.  Cute old grandpas and grandmas, Thai and Farang older couples and even a fewfamilies come HERE for dinner! Another classic example of how Bangkok allows two polar worlds to coexist in harmony.  The Middle East should probably stop by Baan Beer 22 for a lesson in how to find peace in accepting ones neighbor. And to think that each classy customer had to walk by hookers and their “johns” playing pool and dry-humping the air to the tunes of Bon Jovi before they could even enter the restaurant.  How they didn’t turn and leave is beyond reason.

Animal Planet plays on the TV. Customers converse about their day, nibble on scrumptious food and sample each dish with an air of normalcy.  Everyone seems to be oblivious to the surrounding impiety going on; which is clearly visible from every seat in the house.  This restaurant is truly Amazing Thailand, maybe that’s why people come here; to enjoy the mishmash of squalid and safe.

Baan Beer 22 is something to see.  Good food, an unlikely crowd, great location and fantastic people watching. Thailand at its best.
Baan Beer 22
Address: Village 22, 14/3 Sukhumvit Soi 22
Phone: 02-633-5525

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