Ad. Makers: A White Collar Affair in Bangkok

Ad. Makers instantly conjures up images of cigars, traditional gender roles, three piece suits and stacking piles of cash by convincing people that unless they buy your product they won’t get laid.

Ok, so connecting Ad. Makers with the hit television series ‘Mad Men’ may be a stretch, but we like to take advantage of any opportunity to talk about American culture in its heyday. Ad. Makers, the bar, is a modest drinking hole in the heart of Bangkok. And much like its tubular brethren, its popularity can be contributed to the white collar office workers who make the business world go round. Ad. Makers isn’t trendy, edgy nor unique, but its success is in the execution of the fundamentals.

Located right next to Café Tartine just before you get to Hyde & Seek, Ad. Makers makes the most of its proximity to the throngs of office workers who inhabit the cubicles in the surrounding buildings each and every working day. Ad. Makers has huge storefront windows, an L-shaped interior and an outdoor patio with a fountain that all contribute to a relaxing atmosphere that is in-demand of the typical white collar worker. And similar to most venues in BKK there is a large stage providing live tunes to make the night more energetic. What tunes is Ad. Makers slamming? Cheesy English language soft rock covers. Oh well, its the thought that counts, right?

In an ironic twist of management Ad. Makers’ marketing is nowhere to be seen.

The bar doesn’t have much of anything displayed on its walls and we have yet to see the bar advertised in a local newspaper. Amusing.

Ad. Makers is littered with keeper bottles, and while it does have Heineken, Tiger and Asahi (140 baht) as well as Hennessey and Courvoisier (250 baht), this is definitely the place to splurge for single malt and share among friends. You really can’t do a place like this justice without ordering up an Old Fashioned in honor of the man Don Draper. Unfortunately, Ad. Makers failed to provide us with an Old Fashioned so we only left a 1,200THB tip*. The crowd at Ad. Makers is pretty evenly divided among foreigners and Thais, while the menu reads like The Idiot’s Guide to Overpriced Thai Food, the regular lunch crowds swear by it.

Tip: A pleasant alternative to the inside dinning area is the patio, which provides a constant breeze on those stifling BKK nights and some great people watching as Bangkok’s high heeled come and go from Hyde & Seek.

Ad. Makers is the purest example of a neighborhood after work bar as any KohSpot has been to in Bangkok, but if pressed to make a decision we would rather hit up Happy Monday or Heap.  Ad. Makers is a close third.

*Typically we like to tip the waiter 2,000THB just to keep the ice cold. B.M.F

Ad. Makers
Location: 65/3 Soi Ruamrudee, about 20 meters down the soi on the right-hand side, just before Café Tartine.
Mass transit: BTS Phloen Chit
Hours: 11:30 am-2:30 pm, 5 pm-1 am Thursday-Saturday, 5 pm-10 pm Sunday-Wednesday
Phone: 02-168-5158
Website: none

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