6ixcret | A secret gone awry

Whether it’s 6ixcret, Hidden Agenda, Secret Garden or Secret Recipe, there’s doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of sharing going on in the City of Angels. “Secrets don’t have friends,” Bangkok.

Ironically, 6ixcret on Ekamai Soi 6, another in a long line of converted house-bars, must have kept their 6ixcret too much to itself as nobody received the memo that this place even exists. Its always empty. And while we stretch to see some of its potential for being great, we have to wonder how much longer this place will remain on the scene if they maintain the same course of business, promotions and management.

Walking up to this place feels like you’re about to enter a house-party you are way to underdressed for, but upon entering you realize nobody showed up and you are the guest of honor. Inside, the decor of 6ixcret could optimistically be called white I-beam. The comfy chairs and sofa are obligatory for your transformed house-bar, and the outdoor leafy garden area would be nice should it not be for this dreadfully long rainy season.

We assume one of the major draws 6ixcret could promote is that you feel anywhere but the bustling of Ekamai despite being right in its jugular. This should be a central meeting place for all Thonglor/Ekamai youth and office workers where you come to relax, talk with friends, guzzle booze and share pulls on the hookah.


But the live Thai pop duos are played way too loud, especially when the music isn’t that great, making prolonged conversation awkward. And the waiters don’t seem able to provide basic service even though there are more employees than customers and they’re sitting around watching TV or reading books. And the basic Thai food and drinks are overpriced, with cocktails at 200 baht and a small bottle of Sangsom 366 baht.

Don’t get us started on the DJ with his affinity for Justin Bieber.

Given that 6ixcret sees itself as a place to load up before you hit the real clubs (see their website promotions), one would think they’d be better at sweating the details. Their current deal of two 700ml bottles of Black Label for 2,000 baht is not that great particularly considering they were running a two-for-one deal earlier in the year. So we assume their promotion theory is as follows: lack of customers equates to worse promotional deals. You got to spend money to make money, 6ixcret. And right now we feel that something drastic needs to happen for things to turnaround.

Sure, you might see the occasional Porsche in the parking lot, but KohSpot can’t see any reason to come here unless you value your privacy so much that you’re OK even when you realize you’re drinking alone. And then you’re just an alcoholic.

Location: 11 Ekamai Soi 6. About 300 meters down Soi 6 on your left.
Mass transit: BTS Ekamai
Hours: 5 pm-1 am daily
Phone: 084-466-4686

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