36-24-36. A House Bar we “Like”

KohSpot’s childhood was spent memorizing ridiculous rap lyrics such as Kriss Kross’s “Jump Jump” and Sir Mix-A-Lot’s, “I like Big Butts.”

When it comes to females
Cosmo ain’t got nothing to do with my selection
only if she’s 5’3″

So we can’t help but start humming that song whenever someone mentions 36-24-36, a house bar off a Sukhumvit 36 sub-soi.

36-24-36 really came into press attention as the place that Facebook founder dude went to after being turned down by the retarded folks at J-Avenue’s Enchanted. Zuckerberg, amidst a smear campaign against Google, was in Thailand for a friend’s wedding, and 36-24-36 was their secondary choice for a short night out in Bangkok.

And boy did 36-24-36 really play their 15 minutes of fame to their advantage. You couldn’t get a seat in the bar for the proceeding couple months as it quickly became the newest “it” spot in Bangkok.

But now the fickle loyalty of Bangkokians seems to have moved on from 36-24-36 and are pegging it as just another house bar. On a recent Saturday night we spotted two small groups at 36-24-36 over a three-hour period. Which is sad because we absolutely adore the bar’s den like atmosphere with its walls made of slate, brick and fake rock that encases tons of nice bay windows. The pool table and hookahs give people something to do while unwinding and the hammocks and outdoor seating are bliss.

36-24-36 loses some points for wear-and-tear. BK Magazine called the furniture “retro” – saggy came to our mind. Both the sofas and couches felt more deflated than Raj Rajaratnam’s ego and the Louis XIV chairs were nowhere in sight.

The service is very polite but they definitely operate at their own concept of timeliness and attention. You’ll need to bring your patience. The food is what you’d find at any house bar including shrimp and broccoli in oyster sauce (100 baht) and friend chicken with lime sauce (150 baht). For some reason they called their peapods ‘Japanese Pigeon Pea’ (40 baht); we guess their trying to be fancy, or maybe “fusion”…?

The house band plays soft covers and your occasional Singto Numchok for good measure. Its too bad 36-24-36′s popularity isn’t sticking with Bangkok party people and barflies as we really like this place for its chill, relaxed vibe, but then, can’t you just do that in your apartment?

Location: 23 Sukhumvit Soi 36 Sub Soi Napha 2. As you head down Soi 36 from Sukhumvit, turn right at the subsoi and follow it all the way until its first jog left. The bar is at this corner.
Mass transit: BTS Thong Lor
Hours: 6 pm-2 am daily
Phone: 02-661-5636

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