EasyKart at RCA Plaza

KohSpot hates nothing more than drunk drivers.

Seriously, is there a lower form of humanity? Burn slowly, drunk drivers.  In our humble opinion, the only times drunk driving is acceptable is if you are playing Mario Kart or racing go-carts at RCA Plaza’s very own EasyKart.

And if you are at the latter, go bananas (just take a taxi home). EasyKart revs as much go-cart fun that is humanly possible into 8 minutes of racing. The course allows riders to challenge themselves by running solo and trying to get a reputable time. Or, if you’re just there for fun and debauchery, its much better to race your mates and hope for that opportune moment to t-bone your buddy after they spun out taking a turn too fast. Pedal to the metal and punish him; you’ll be surprise at how good it feels and how hard you’ll laugh despite its trivial nature.

Note: EasyKart frowns on this type of behavior and may even pull you off the course before your eight minutes are up. Its gotta be one of those risk v reward, split-second, instinctual type of decisions you have to make before kart ramming. We know, life is hard.

But EasyKart is more than just high-speed bumper cars and destruction, its actually a really fun place to practice hairpin turns and straight away acceleration that tests your maneuverability. The venue also has a pool table, foosball and a bar to make sure you stay above the legal driving limit.

EasyKart offers three engine sizes: 270 cc with a maximum speed of 60 km/h, 160 cc tops out at 45 km/h and 100 cc hits 25 km/h. The fastest is for advanced drivers, the middle is for beginner adults, and the last one is for kids. You’ll obviously want to lie and say you’ve go-carted for years and require an advanced car.

There is at least one competition every month, and the company has a branch at the Pattaya Bali Hai pier as well. On May 25, the Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce is promoting a “championship” that includes food, beer, drinks, racing and instruction for 2,500 baht starting from 6 pm. EasyKart also provides free driver training by professional go-karters on Tuesdays at 8 pm.

As for everyday racing, two rounds at the advanced level costs 1,100 baht, and a five-race package includes a t-shirt. The 160-cc cars charge 550 baht for one race. Kids are only 800 baht for two races. EasyKart changes the track layout every two months so it never gets monotonous. The fee includes a helmet, optional racing suit (we hate that this optional), locker and printout of results that includes fastest lap and lap average. Our recommendation that they should also measure blood-alcohol-levels for another data-set to compare fell on deaf ears.

Our other recommendation that we should get one free race because we planned to write an article about the joys of t-boning their go-karts was also met with blank stares.

Location: Second floor of RCA Plaza, the building that has Tops supermarket and House movie theater on RCA, close to the Phetchaburi Road entrance.
Mass transit: About a 10 minute motosai ride from the Phetchaburi MRT.
Hours: 1 pm-midnight daily

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