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Partying at RCA used to mean one of two things: hip-hop or techno.

In the last couple years, however, some really great live venue spots have sprouted in popularity on RCA such as Taksura, Overtone’s jazzy transformation into Mello Yello and Nospace Gallery. As a result, RCA seems to be transforming and turning into a place where skinny-jeans, ironic tattoos and grandma sweaters are dotting the streets as much as the Route 66 uniform of baggy jeans, fake-gold necklaces and oversized neon-and-black colored shirts.

The venue currently reigning supreme in the galaxy of live music venues on RCA is Cosmic Cafe.

Cosmic Cafe is a simple bar that is partially outdoors and has a small alcove for a band.  You literally have no idea what kind of music you’re going to get when you turn up here. Like last weekend, when KohSpot was lucky enough to chance into a performance by Supabad (pictured), a 10-member James Brown revue featuring a white singer in his 40s wearing a three-piece red sequined suit that didn’t cover his belly. And a toupee. And he busted out a flute for one song. Yea, a flute. Supabad was able to get the crowd into a frenzy with his bravado and showmanship.

We applaud Cosmic Cafe for attracting a truly diverse Bangkok population that all shares the enjoyment of live music. Crowds tend to vary based on the band or DJ that night, but with recent gigs by Abuse The Youth, Apartment Khunpa and Klong Riders, you can expect lively crowds.

We’ve heard that Cosmic Cafe has good food, but the handful of times we’ve been there the dishes we ordered were out. Either come early if you’re hungry or eat elsewhere.

Best way to keep up with upcoming venues at Cosmic Cafe is through their Facebook Page.

As if you needed any further incentive, Isaan Dancehall 2, aka Paradise Bangkok, aka Maft Sai from ZudRangMa Records will mix molam with Afro beats this Saturday, May 28, at Cosmic. Unfortunately, the outfits will unlikely rival Supabad’s, but it should still be a fantastic time. In fact, we’re bound to get tables at both Cosmic and Slim on Saturday and rotate between the two venues. You really can have it all in Bangkok.

Cosmic Cafe
Location: RCA Block C, across from 808 (now LED)
Mass transit: MRT Phetchaburi. About a 10-minute motosai from the station to RCA.
Hours: 7 pm-2 am daily
Phone: 081-304-6907

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