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KohSpot love bold almost as much as it loves itself, which is a lot considering our clinically diagnosed narcissism.

Kacho Bar at Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel on Sukhumvit 22 is attempting something pretty bold.

Sure, there are plenty of bars in the lofty reaches of hotels, but most are outdoors on rooftops (Nest, Vertigo, Sirocco) or classy top-floor wine joints (V9 Wine Bar). However, Kacho Bar eschews those tactics and is going for a mix of laid-back Japanese with up-tempo club vibe. Talk about an odd pairing. Time will tell if Kacho will be successful or just turn into a venue that attracts Japanese sex-pats to bring their gigs for a friendly party environment.

The club opened on July 1 and KohSpot made an appearance. The design of Kacho Bar seems to be a continuation of Kacho Japanese restaurant, also on the 37th floor of the Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel. The entrance to the restaurant has an inviting, relaxing faux garden you walk through after exiting the elevator. Walking into the bar you enter a large room with a cross-hatched wooden ceiling, two bars and a DJ booth, followed by two subdued Japanese lounges complete with room names written over the frame as you enter, similar to a museum, and finally a large room with nothing in it except a stage for a band and or DJ to play.

From the floor plan you can tell that Kacho Bar is attempting to appeal to hard-core clubbers, after-workdrinkers/socialites, and a front room with an identity crisis (KohSpot’s part of the bar). Such diversity, and options and boldness. But is that good for a venue like this? In our opinion, picking a universal theme and sticking with it usually succeeds in the entertainment business. What techno-head is going to want to walk across tatami mats to head bang, and what social cocktail sipper is going to want glow sticks interrupting their important conversations?

If we were anywhere else in the world, we’d say this amalgamation of nightlife vibes wouldn’t work. But Bangkok isn’t anywhere else in the world.  We have our doubts on whether Kacho’s Bar will make it, but you never know. Get a couple tweets from some Thai celebrities and this place could be the next “it” spot by Friday.

Kacho Bar
Location: Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel, Sukhumvit Soi 22, about 400 meters down the soi on the right-hand side. Bar is on the top floor, #37, of the south tower.
Mass transit: BTS Phrom Pong
Hours: 8 pm-2 am daily
Phone: 02-261-9000ext4162

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