Club Culture – “Is techno dead?” Part II

Anyone who loves techno and read the “Is techno dead article?” was not happy. The ‘beatbots’ spoke and we listened. Please allow us to clear up a few things before we proceed.

  1. There are always anomalies, not every techno club is empty. Many hire word renowned DJ’s and are packed on a nightly basis. The point here is that if a regular club is open from 9pm to 2 am on a weekday and said club chooses to play techno then the bar is usually empty. This is can largely be contributed to the fact that the music genre fails to attract crowds in BKK.
  2. KohSpot conducted a very unscientific study and the results were universal. Almost all techno lovers interviewed keep saying the same statement. “Techno is only good on drugs”. Though no hip hop/pop/jazz/blues or rock and roll lover would ever say they need dopamine pumped into their brain in order to listen to the music they love.

These are just the facts, now let’s get started….

Techno wanted to show Kohspot that it still has life left. That it’s not just going to roll over and die. And who better to write about techno’s revival then itself?  Ballsy move Techno but we’ll bite.

Well for starters the infamous “390baht all you can drink night” is no myth. It exists at Club Culture. Club Culture has now made its home near Khao San Road. This is a good idea, considering many Europeans who seem to love that genre of music congregate at this well known backpacker Mecca. Club Culture is in a back alley set off the main road (Ratchadamnoen) and it actually has a rave type feel; the club is really a Victorian row house and looks like a place where the True Blood cast would live. So far so good CC.

The 1st floor décor is all concrete and caution tape is draped across the 2nd floor loft. There are minimal decorations like an unfinished basement.  It’s a place where you would film a scene in Hostel or Saw. Again, so far so good CC.

Of course the place is completely empty; wouldn’t expect anything less. But the DJ, Emanuel, hopes that changes soon.

First thing that gets fired at him when he sits down with Kohspot is the fact that techno is dead and he and his beloved music genre is similar to the newspaper industry, a dying breed with no chance of survival. KohSpot looked to interview some patrons of Club Culture to get their take on the topic, but there weren’t any around.

Instead of a punch to the face (which would have been justified), Emanuel simply says, “You’re right.” What?? That response was not expected.

But he says techno has changed over the years and that’s why it’s dying. He’s taking it back to the roots, back to the “real” techno.  None of that “over 135 beats per minute shit, no cheesy vocal samples, we’re talking soulful techno, real techno.” He says he’s here to educate, teach about techno; start a revival in the dying genre. KohSpot loves an underdog. Go Emanuel!

He might be on to something. By midnight the crowd ballooned to 11; by 1am a whopping 16 people. That’s 16 times the crowd of 808 last Thursday.  And if you think all techno sounds the same; Emanuel will prove you wrong.

Is techno dead? Not yet (son of a bitch!); it’s on life support and neither Club Culture nor Bangkok City Beats are ready to pull the plug.

You guys have a few months; if you can’t fill Club Culture with:

A) The best drink promotion ever


B) An unfiltered “real” form of the genre, which sounds really good

Then it’s time to take an Ambien and put this issue to bed.

Club Culture offers many different sounds and promotions each night. Check the website for definite details.

Address: Just behind the newly opened Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall, located on Ratchadamnoen Road.

Phone: 089-497-8422


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