Bowling in Bangkok.

What do bowling, McDonald’s cheeseburgers, going to a movie theatre and clubbing have in common?

They are all activities we pretty much loathe anywhere else in the world, but absolutely love to partake in Bangkok.


Bangkok has a few companies that offer hot ten-pin action, but the largest is Blu-o. The formula for bowling companies is simple: bowling specials, beer specials, and either laser-light or neon bowling on weekend nights replete with hip-hop. ┬áBlu-o is no different, except the staff rarely know what the specials are (or more likely don’t care). And that’s all fine and well as often times you can make up your own Blu-O specials on the fly such as “we-got-four strikes-so-we-get-a-free-game-special.” The MO seems to be if you’re drinking beer, spending money, having a good time and no one is waiting…arai go dai.

(If you want to get technical, to bowl at Blu-O according to their menu is 100 baht per game from 11am – 5pm, Monday – Friday, rising to 120 baht after 5pm and on weekends. Prices are halved for students.)

Of more interest are the drink specials, and the current one is buy one tower of Federbrau and get a pitcher free from 5-9 pm daily. Typically Federbrau and Singha are 200 baht for a pitcher and 540 baht for a tower.

For some women, a bowling alley is just that oily wooden thing they pass on the way to the karaoke. Blu-o has that option, along with darts and the ubiquitous pool tables.

Blu-o has some truly unappetizing looking dishes, such as the Big Sausage Bowl (399 baht), which looks like a mash-up of rejected Oscar Meyer products. Better to stick to Thai food.

The Dude Abides.

Location: (many) Recently visited: 4th floor Major Ekkamai
Mass transit: BTS Ekkamai
Hours: 11 am-1 am Sunday-Thursday, 11 am-2 am Friday-Saturday
Phone: 02-714-2850

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