Benjasiri Park: A Much Needed Playground

With all the recent emphasis on the BKK planning of more mega malls, mini shopping centers and ‘lifestyle spaces’, KohSpot decided to check out Mr Reliable: a public park. Shocker.

Okay, so Bangkok is not known as a green destination, but it has a handful of enjoyable parks, and Benjasiri Park definitely fits the bill. Located next to The Emporium mall, the park packs quite a few activities in its limited space. We’re talking nursery, swimming pool, skate park, basketball court, sepak takraw court, playgrounds for both toddlers and kids, aerobics area and health park for stretching.

Don’t misunderstand KohSpot; we know a park is just as good for naps as it is for exercise, and the hobos near the front gate tend to agree with us. But when the pool at your condo is closed for cleaning, sometimes you need a place to splash about.  Besides, the people watching at Benjasiri is second to none.

The pool is clearly sponsored by US homeland security as they require a membership card, copy of your passport, a medical certificate, two thumbnail photos and the 40 baht annual fee. But after you finish with that rot, it’s only 15 baht per visit and you will feel oh so VIP. And for a park that usually gets packed year-round, the pool is a relatively unused oasis.

The pool hours are 10 am to 7:30 pm Monday through Friday, and 1 pm to 7:30 pm on weekends. Even if you don’t swim, the park has freeshowers.

Because the park is smaller, it’s not as much fun to run in Benjasiri as it is in Lumpini, but the track still gets plenty of use. You can also pretend to be cool and chill with the skate kids at the skate park, but don’t expect any of them to land any tricks.

An ornamental pond provides the core of Benjasiri and is a perfect place to gaze while enjoying a picnic. Hit this park if you want some relaxation in the middle of a chaotic day.

Location: Adjacent and west of The Emporium mall in Phrom Phong, in between Sukhumvit Sois 22 and 24.
Mass transit: BTS Phrom Phong
Hours: 5 am-9 pm daily
Phone: 02-262-0810

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