Beers Cellar: A Pint of Bangkok Quirky in Town in Town

KohSpot has a fondness for eccentric bars and coffee shops, so we were curious when we heard Town in Town opened a new community mall on Intraporn Road. Beers Cellar is a bit of an odd recommendation from us, since the majority of our evaluation is completely based on atmosphere, but we still felt it was worthwhile to spread the word on this new brew-centric bar in Bangkok.  We love beer.

There is one employee working at Beers Cellar, the owner and we think his name is Patara. Yeah, let’s go with Patara. He appears to have started Beers Cellar because he likes to hang out with his friends and drink, which is nothing short of genius. We plan on following suit by opening a business where we hang out with friends and blow up designer cars.  In business one must follow their passions. In the event you want a drink, you’ll have to pull the Patara away from his friends, so better for you to make friends with the him in order to get better service.

Beers Cellar attempts to follow the trend of Bangkok bars importing beers from around the world, although in truth even the Grand Poobah of this genre—Brew, with its “largest selection of beers and ciders in Thailand”—mainly just uses the same supplier of Belgian suds everyone else does. Beers Cellar is the apogee of this practice, offering about 30 tasty Belgian bottles or Singha on tap. If you don’t want a nice Belgian brewski, you have one choice. And you know what? Everyone is drinking the Singha except us. We like this place.

Tree Square is definitely a boutique community mall, as every shop is small and completely homemade. Beers Cellar is no different, but that’s part of what gives this place its charm. Most of the seating at this tiny venue is outside, near all the vegetation and a bubbly fountain. Naturally, Beers Cellar is the kind of place where folks from the neighborhood can come to sit and smoke a cigarette or just talk, not ordering anything, and Patara is more than happy to oblige to this low-key business model. More than most places in Bangkok, Beers Cellar feels like hanging out at a friend’s place.

We had the chocolatey velvet Rochefort 10 (320 baht) and the sour cherry-based Kasteel Rouge (210 baht), both of which went down smooth. The imported beer menu is written in English and the descriptions are cribbed from some beer aficionado magazine, as if you were at a hotel for a fancy tasting. There’s also a menu of Thai food, but we’re almost certain there’s no one working and perhaps not even a kitchen, so don’t expect your order to arrive, ever.

The iPod soundtrack ranges from jazz to funk to alternative, again similar to what a friend might play during a chill evening, and free WiFi is available.  Did we mention we like this place.

Beers Cellar won’t win any awards for pushing the Bangkok pub and nightlife scene to new levels, but try to spend a few hours at Beers Cellar and you will grow to appreciate a bar that doesn’t cater to wooing you out of your moolah.

Beers Cellar
Location: 1133 Intraporn Road, in Tree Square community mall. Intraporn is the connecting road to Lat Phrao Soi 94 if you take it south to Town in Town. Turn left on Intraporn and proceed about 200 meters, Beers Cellar is on your right. The mall is in between Udom Suksa and Bodin Decha schools if your motosai or taxi driver is confused.
Mass transit: There are many buses on Lat Phrao, but from soi 94 you still need to take a motosai.
Hours: From 5 pm until the last customers leave at night. No really.
Phone: 087-982-5599

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