Beerology at Bangkok’s Crystal Design Center

Like democracy spreading in the Middle East, brewpubs are taking Bangkok by storm. And KohSpot can’t help but feel a little bit responsible after years and year of bemoaning the state of Thai beers.

In fact, Pol, a born and bred Thai and one of the manager/owners of Beerology, the new pub in Crystal Designer Center, said as much: “We decided not to offer Thai beers because you can get them everywhere and…well…they aren’t good.” Amen brother.

Beerology occupies a small space on the second floor in the recently opened phase 2 of the Crystal Design Center, just to the south of the main furniture and eatery emporium. The atmosphere is laid-back and the lighting is dim, a decided contrast to the hi-so blur taking place in phase 1.

(Is anyone else as excited as we are about the state of Bangkok night life? From speakeasies, to wine-bars, to cocktail lounges, the magnificence of Crystal Design Center and now bars serving imported micro-brews…it’s all too much. And that’s not even mentioning the clubs! Ok, back to the review.)

Much like Beer Vault, the emphasis is on bottled Belgian brews, with a few English, Australian and even an Italian thrown in for good measure. The bar has 5 imported draft beers (Hoegaarden, Stella Artois, Leffe, Hofbrau, and Guinness), and while the bartender knew to use a knife to defoam a pint of Leffe, he had no clue with a Guinness pour (210 baht++), which is odd since even their advertisements are based around the conceit that you have to wait three minutes to let it settle.

Another oddity is that the prices are plus plus, which might be okay if you were sitting at a table, but why charge 10% for service if someone is sitting at the bar? That’s one expensive arm-extension performed by the bartender. Amirightoramirightoramiright?

Still, Beerology has some rare bottles for Bangkok such as the Krombacher Radler (180 baht++), which while being a little too sweet for KohSpot, had lime accents over a light tart beer. The Kasteel Donker (200 baht++) was a dark lambic that went down nicely. Paul recommends the Tripple Karmeliat (230 baht++) to all visitors, supposedly made from a 300-year-old monastic recipe of three grains: wheat, oats and barley. He also claims to be interested in importing India Pale Ales after KohSpot lustily inquired about the hoppy elixir.

But the more interesting development might be the arrival of Crystal Design Center as a major player in the weekend hi-so scene. Forget Thong Lor or Ekkamai, this is where the Bangkok beautiful people now spend their evenings. The influx of gorgeous and rich Thai people makes for an interesting sociological study of attitude at Crystal Design Center. We saw people who looked like they have never waited for anything in their lives waiting to get into Wine I Love You, even at 10pm. Gents, a pouting Thai girl doesn’t go well with her Salvatore Ferragamo, Get a reservation.

Right now on Beerology’s Facebook page they are trying to gain social-media support through a “Beer a Day” campaign with photos, history and information on their wide array of beer selection.

Location: Crystal Design Center, Unit #206, second floor, building L3. The CDC is on Pradit Manutham Road, the one underneath the Ram Intra Expressway, in between Lat Phrao and Kasit Nawamin Roads.
Mass transit: None
Hours: 5 pm-midnight daily
Phone: 02-102-2394

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