Beer Vault – Pouring Microbrews in Bangkok

We absolutely adore a good micro-brew. The problem is that its near impossible to find many good ones in the Big Mango.  Singha’s Est. 33 at the CDC pours some applaudable brews, but unless you live out that way, its quite the trek. The real issue, though, is that the local brews are just so awful. In fact, a long-running urban myth holds that Chang uses formaldehyde in its filtering process, which is what causes Changovers. And Cheers Beer has been known to tranquilize small animals. Sure Beer Lao tastes good, but isn’t that mostly because of a lack of tasty beers for comparison?

That’s why Beer Vault is a welcome addition to the bar scene. Boasting over 40 beers from around the world, this place features waitresses who actually know how to pour a beer and specialized goblets for the various brews.

Many of the beers on tap are your rooster players such as San Miguel, Tiger, Asahi, Heineken and Beer Lao. The English choices are all ciders—get that out of my face. And there three Australian brews are all from the Cooper’s variety. Meh.

Where Beer Vault really stands out, however, is with its superb selection of Belgian beers: from Witterkerke Rose to Duvel to Orval to three different Chimays. Do you want a Kwak? Yes, yes you do. The Waterloo Triple Dark is fantastically bitter and not at all like the lambics most of us have come to expect from the homeland of french fries. The St. Louis comes in a choice of cherry, peach or raspberry.

Like wine, its all about finding the beer that hits your taste-buds. Who knows, maybe a watered down Pilsner is for you, but if you want to stretch your palette a bit and try some more delicious beer beverages to consume, Beer Vault is a good spot to do so.

Though Beer Vault is in the front of the Four Points by Sheraton hotel near the mouth of Sukhumvit Soi 15, it is not stuffy and has a mix of tourists and happy hour workers most days. Rich black leather seating dominates the décor, but there is an actual bar, though it looks like the portal to a spaceship is hanging above it as neon lights throb to a new color every few seconds. Not really sure the designers thoughts beyond that one…

The bar serves a shandy as well, but it says they use Thai beer, which ruins the point. Most imported bottles run from 200 to 280, and they have five beers on tap including Leffe dark and blond (230 for a pint). Cocktails are available, but you’re at a beer vault, mister.

Key thing to remember here is selected imports are two for one during happy hour, which is from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Most patrons are onto this, and this place clears out by 9. Plan accordingly.

Beer Vault
Address: Four Points by Sheraton, Sukhumvit Soi 15
Mass transit: BTS Asok or MRT Sukhumvit
Phone: 02-309-3000
Hours: 11:30 am-Midnight

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