Beer Mansion – Is Ratchada changing its image? And…Can it work? (Chapter I)

A few years ago, Esplanade started a new trend on Ratchada: open a place that’s “Hi-So”, jack up the prices, adhere to the demands of affluent Thais and keep the prostitutes at bay. While this may seem like an unintelligent idea at first seeing as how Ratchada is home to raucous party scenes on Ratchada Soi 4 and massage joints like Poseidon, the business model appears to be working. Yet another modern and sleek entertainment complex has emerged on the Ratchada scene and its called Mansion 7.

Mansion 7 sits on the corner of Ratchada Soi 14 and exudes an aggressive sense of modernity with its purple hued, gothic-chic design. Mansion 7 is still under construction and not all of the kiosks in the building are occupied, but the few establishments attempting to gentrify the neighborhood by making the ‘Ratchada Leap of Faith’ are giving areas such as Thonglor a run for their money. Class and creativity like this has never been seen on Ratchada.

One of the better establishments in Mansion 7 – Beer Mansion.

Beer mansion is less than a month old. When viewed from the outside the place looks like a giant haunted house. However, with a closer inspection one realizes that the vibe is less like a Haunted House and more like a ‘Beer Den’ that is filled with… Lot’s of it.

Beer Mansion is very dark and desperately trying to be hip. This is a place where a 21st century Dracula would feel at home. The thoughtful interior design includes a blood red couch on the 2nd floor loft combined with an extra long booth along the 1st floor wall. This is VIP Transylvanian style. The bar is quite small (think Iron Fairies small) so get there early if you want a seat.

Beer Mansion serves a variety of cocktails but the menu is heavily beer orientated. Imports such as Guinness, Erdinger and Leffe are on tap while imports like Warfteiner and Paulaner are available by the bottle. What does it cost to party like Dracula? The most expensive beer will run you 220baht for a 0.5l and a local brew (i.e. Singha) will go for as low as 90baht. What makes Mansion 7 stand out from other trendy bars in BKK is their highly personalized beer bottle collection. If you travel overseas and bring back an unusual bottle of beer they will put your name on it and use it to decorate the bar! Also the beer girls are purposely attractive, which in our opinion is always a good business move.

Pop music is played softly early in the evening, but stick around past 23:00 and Kim Kardashian starts DJing decent techno. Ok, maybe not Kim Kardashian herself but it had to be one of her hot sisters (not the ugly one) the night KohSpot partied there.

The Menu is void of food offerings, but as a special promotion Beer Mansion provides a free sushi buffet out front. We will see how long this lasts. If you are so lucky to indulge in the free sushi we suggest taking a look at the covered courtyard. It has a gigantic moon decoration hanging from the ceiling and some unusual looking pool tables (designed in a variety of odd ball shapes). All of which adds a nice touch to this creepy and fascinating new Ratchada hang out.

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