Barley Bistro & Bar: A Bangkok Bar Mystery

KohSpot kept waiting for Barley Bistro & Bar to either close, ala The Note after only being open a month, or to inexplicably rocket to popularity like Durty Nelly’s. As it stands, Barley Bistro & Bar has a lot of positives going for it, but continues to be ignored like an overweight farang chick at RCA. Let’s investigate.

Barley has an indoor and outdoor section. The indoor area at Barley Bistro & Bar feels like your rich friend’s den that happens to be located next to a BTS track. Dark mood lighting dominates the domain with plush black leather seating, a chandelier, wooden venetian blinds and a killer drum kit on stage. Holler at your Man Cave! With the BTS rumbling by every five minutes, we think the room has sort of a charming feel, especially given that it’s usually sparsely populated yet cozy.

Barley Bistro & Bar rocks the stage with live bands Wednesday to Saturday, with the bands typically playing outside on the more popular rooftop terrace. When we say popular, keep in mind we mean a smattering of people, as opposed to the deserted interior. The rooftop reminds KohSpot of the little-used rooftop of Tapas in layout and is an equally a great place to throw down a few cold ones during this winter season.

While Barley calls itself a bistro, the food could generously be called Thai and fusion snacks. The bar used to be more adventurous with its beer offerings, having a few Australian pale ales that were not Cooper’s. It has now settled on the same supplier that seemingly provides every “gastro” bar with Belgian and German brews. Duvel, Kwak, St. Louis, Weihenstephaner, Krombacher, and a radler grace the menu, with Stella, Hoegaarden, Asahi and Heineken on tap.

Barley regularly runs specials, such as its current Winter Fest where pints of Stella and Hoegaarden are 200 baht and 2 liters of Johnny Walker Black are 2400, but to be honest those prices aren’t that “special”.

The bar has been open two years now, and KohSpot is sort of morbidly fascinated about how long it can keep it up given the dearth of business. Undoubtedly a drawback is that most people wouldn’t know it exists if not for a sandwich board it keeps on Silom Road, as you have to walk about 10 meters down an alley to reach the Food Channel Building. If you visit, drop KohSpot a comment below.  We love to hear your feedback.

Barely Bistro & Bar
Location: 4th floor of the Food Channel building, between Silom Sois 5 and 7, not far from the Narathiwat intersection
Mass transit: BTS Chong Nonsi
Hours: 5 pm-1 am daily
Phone: 087-033-3919

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