Bangkok’s New Drinking Game

Khao San Road is known for many things: cheap accommodations, girls with oddly sized boobs, back-packers with no shoes on, that crazy Thai guy in his decked out rickshaw that drives people up and down the street, indiscreet ladyboys, falafels, and so much more. All of which has inspired and culminated into a new KohSpot drinking game. See if you can last the night.

The venue is Gulliver’s.

You can’t miss it. Gulliver’s has a gigantic tuk-tuk embedded above its door on the south-west corner of Khao San Road. The setting inside is dark (like black-light dark), which is excellent because not many people are looking good. It is open until 4am most nights. The music played is a smorgasbord of top-twenty hits from Michael Jackson to Eminem; even some techno after 1am. The beers are under 100 baht and the Western food is surprisingly good. The decor is modern, inviting and the air-con provides relief to the heat.

drinking gamesIn an ironic clash of moral compasses, the crowd consists mostly of Hookers and Hippies that spill out the front door of Gulliver’s to suck on cigs and then go back in to make out on pool tables. Classy joint. Guys dance like its a competition, but not the final episodes, the early episodes where everyone gets laughed at and booed off stage.

As long as you go in with an open-mind and armed with KohSpot’s drinking game, this bar is a really good time.

The Game.

You have to take a shot if you see any of the following and down your drink if any are combined together:

  1. A Hippie with no shoes
  2. A Farang girl with no bra
  3. A group of Africans in the corner dressed way too nice to be in this bar
  4. If you smell BO. This one is tricky due to the fact that you may smell all the time, but we mean a huge whiff off it (also, huge potential combo-play with #2)
  5. If you get poked or tapped on your body in anyway by a Hooker. And stop it guys, yes, she is a Hooker
  6. If you see an almost elderly Farang
  7. If someone is wearing sandals with black dress socks
  8. If an overweight man, or woman, gets on the pool table to dance
  9. A cut-off shirt being worn by someone not at all in shape, accompanied by shorts that are way too high up the leg.
  10. Dreadlocks

Have fun, but be careful as this game can get you annihilated.

2/2 Khao San Road
Banglampoo (Khao San Road), Bangkok 10200
T: (66)0262919889

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