Bangkok Racquet Club: Fitness Fit for a King

How to Live Like a Pimp in Bangkok

When not lighting cigars at Club Perdomo with 1,000 baht notes and dining on baby seal at Audrey Cafe, KohSpot likes to treat ourselves. Can there be a better way to pamper yourself and stay in shape than the Bangkok Racquet Club? We think not.

Where else combines covered tennis courts with a gorgeous view of the Bangkok skyline, badminton courts, all the latest gym equipment, two swimming pools and a jacuzzi, futsal courts, a rock climbing wall, racquetball and squash courts, and a steam room all for one price? Did we mention ping pong? KohSpot loves ping pong so much we have concocted a genius plan to represent ourselves at the London 2012 Olympics. Yep, KohSpot’s future plans include becoming a sovereign nation. What will the currency be in the KohSpot Kingdom? Endangered animals or pirate treasure, naturally.

Also included in the price at the Racquet Club is Wilding Golf performance center swing bays where computers andcameras break down all the problems with your swing. Its enlightening. Its humbling. Pool and snooker are on offer as well. The club’s website allows reservations for most of these activities, which is convenient since certain classes can get fully booked on the weekends.

Then there are all the extras available on site, such as scuba diving certification, yoga classes, a Lebanese restaurant, massage and naked gymnastics. So while you’d want a full day to get your money’s worth at the Racquet Club, you need a full one to take advantage of all the activities.

A one-day non-member pass costs 525 baht during the week and 625 for holidays and weekends, while guests of members pay 425/525. If you are like us and enjoy the rewards of pushing our fitness to the highest level possible, mostly through fist pumping and stage diving, then consider getting a one-year pass for 21,400 baht. Yes, we realize this is more than California Wow and Fitness First, but look at what’s included in those top three paragraphs again. You can’t get that anywhere else. The closest shot may be Big C Lat Phrao, which has a 100-baht per day gym, a climbing wall, and an ice skating rink, but those facilities can’t compete with the Racquet Club. Plus, its weird to work out in a Big C. The tennis courts alone would be worth the lion’s share of the daily rate if you really wanted a marathon match.

The club is great for a free day when you don’t want to leave Bangkok. Live like a pimp for a day and go to the Bangkok Racquet Club

Racquet Club
Location: Sukhumvit Soi 49, subsoi Klang, just past Samitivej Hospital on the left-hand side of the soi. There’s a big sign on the road.
Mass transit: BTS Thong Lor is closest, but the club provides a shuttle service to BTS Phrom Phong. Either way, the club’s quite a hike down the soi.
Hours: 6:30 am-11 pm daily
Phone: 02-714-7200

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