ASA Center @ Siam Discovery

We love creative library spaces in Bangkok.

The subtle buzzing of students deep in research, keyboards churning out thesis papers, idle stress of a pending deadline and the smell of new fresh books mixed with fresh brewed espresso. TCDC is the perennial favorite creative library, but for any Bangkokian focused on or interested in architecture, the Association of Siamese Architects (ASA) Center with its 75 year old history has opened a creative library space on the 5th floor of Siam Discovery.

Membership for an entire year at the ASA Center runs Thais 50 baht and Farang 250 baht (love it). Members get full access to ASA’s wealth of texts and beautifully crafted image based books showcasing the works of renowned architects across the planet. A small coffee shop sits in the back corner, and free wifi attracts the college students.

Which is exactly why we were here. If you’ve ever needed a physical space designed in Bangkok, you’ll know the ridiculous prices that architects pretend, and do, get away with charging. Which is why KohSpot recommends walking right into ASA Center and pitching the work to a student that will most likely take on your job for a fraction of the cost with ambition and excitement unrivaled in the corporate architecture world. Who knows, you just might make a new friend as well.

The ASA Center also boasts an exhibition center where various works and award pieces are rotating through on a monthly basis, so be sure to peek your head in if you’re traversing from Siam to MBK and want to see some interesting and creative architecture plans, models and sketches.

If you are seeking a top-secret move to build a replica Brandy Bunch house on Thong Lor, you can seek planning privacy in one of their two meeting rooms that can hold from 2 to 80 people, depending how fat your group is. The main congregational area is filled with modern yet basic tables and chairs and has been full every time we’ve come here to read up on Frank Lloyd Wright over a latte on the bean bags (pictured above).

A large wall is dedicated just to the architecture of Thailand, worth a visit just for these rare and interesting dictations, pictures and books.

ASA Center is a great place for architects to congregate and collaborate, but for us we’d also recommend it for anyone seeking architectural assistance. We even had a friend that hired a freelancer from ASA to create a design blue-print based upon his room dimensions and furniture that would increase the Feng Shui. Get creative with the city’s creatives.

ASA Center
5th Floor Siam Discovery
10am – 9pm, everyday

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