An Avatar with a Microphone at RCA.

Lee Jeans had a promotional party last week at Route 66; strict VIP access. You don’t think this website is only open to provide you guys with excellent content do you? We love rubbing shoulders with the Thai elite. Kohspot was on the list (of course) and made an appearance.

It started out normal enough: promotional give a ways at the door, a sign-in sheet, red carpet fodder – the usual Bangkok VIP scene.  Everyone was uber cool and dressed uber fabulous, and of course you have some people on drugs and acting weird. Again, the usual VIP shit. Inside there is Thai R&B playing at a low volume, people mingling, photos being taken constantly (of course) and business cards are being passed out like blackjack dealers in Vegas.

Ok now the odd part; the first band comes out – Prynahm.

The music starts and the lead singer turns around…and…delivers. Dropping bombs on the crowd of captivation. We mean captivating like “you cant take your eyes off of this car crash.” Did not expect that at all.

The lead singer has Kurt Cobain hair, a grunge style tee shirt over a long sleeve linen shirt, donning Motley Crue pants. To top it all off, he’s painted like an Avatar. Blue everywhere dude!

The first song is an awesome rock and roll ballad then he moves to a free-flowing rhyme (but not a rap song). It is too hard to explain. It’s like he’s putting the audience into a trance. Next is a song that could aptly score Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland followed by an anachronistic English song.  You couldn’t pin this guy down to one genre; he’s all over the map. But to his credit he was completely mesmerizing. All the while the band is doing nothing but playing instruments. The lead singer is going completely bananas.  Screaming, talking softly, crying, dancing, laughing, rolling on the ground then jumping in the air. Mesmerizing.  Craziest show I’ve ever seen in Thailand.

Prynahm is the Must See Band right now, but apparently the guy never leaves his house and only does a few shows a year. Seek him out and go.  He puts on an unbelievable show!

After the show, to solidify his rock-star status, he lingers outside Route by his 15,000,000 baht Porsche. It’s the rainy season but his top was down during the whole show sparking one spectator to ask, “What would he have done if it started to rain?” The consensus was…”Probably, shrugged his shoulders.”

The tough part is that we are having a hard time finding anything about him on the Internet – a true enigma. If anyone knows more about Prynahm, drop us a comment below and give us the details on Asia’s most engaging front-man/Avatar.

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