A Two-Some is Always Better.

broken-piano-keysIt’s quite a badge of pride for Thailand to never have experienced foreign colonization, which is truly unique to this region of the world. But with living in such interconnected and global times, signs of historical and international influence permeate all over Bangkok.

While some of the cities footprints echo of a time where GI Joe farangs on R&R funded the electricity bills of neon-scorched Patpong, other footprints sound of the soft-diplomacy movement aimed squarely at creating solid international bonds with Thailand by sharing and teaching foreign arts and culture with The Kingdom. The Alliance Francais of Thailand and The Goethe Institut of Thailand are great examples of this process of soft-power.

Keeping up their reputation of cultural proliferation, The Goethe Institute will team up with Thailand’s impresario of classical music, D&M Music Studio, to present a night of classical piano magnificence from Belgium’s Jonas Dept and Myriam Ayar. Pounding the whale-tusk ivories in duet fashion, Jonas and Myriam will showcase that duets are designed for more than just children’s Christmas recitals and chopsticks. On tap, the Belgian two-some are set to slam the four-handed compositions of Schumann, Brahms, Gershwin and Chopin proving to audiences the old adage that more is better, even in piano, but not in the cases of HIV, nuclear bombs, and Beer Chang, as that stuff really sucks.

The concert begins at the Goethe Institut on July 12th at 8pm. Tickets are 500 baht.

South Sathorn Road Soi 1, +66 (0) 2287 2822

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